3-1-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on March 3, 2010 at 9:45 am
Other stories:
Pakistan blocks prisoner transfers (Wall Street Journal)
Bodies of suspected militants found in north-west (BBC News)
Taliban routed in raids on border camps (Times of London)
Pakistan wipes out half of Quetta Shura (The News)
Senior Taliban commander killed in Swat (Dawn)
Attorney general opposes NRO review petition (Dawn)
No nuclear deal with Pakistan, says U.S. (Dawn)
Saudi Arabia urges unity among Pakistani leaders (Dawn)
Iran reopens Pakistan border for trade (Dawn)
U.S. lawmakers get details of $1.45 billion Pak aid plan (Daily Times)
Zardari seeks UK’s help for EU market access (Daily Times)
Government to inject Rs. 40 billion to offset circular debt (The News)
U.S. wins in India-Pakistan talks (Boston Globe)
Religious violence (Dawn)
Closet Taliban? (Daily Times)
Evaluating democracy by Ghazia Aslam & Wasim Malik (Dawn)
Zardari and his survival by Syed Mansoor Hussain (Daily Times)

Other stories:
After push in Marja, Marines try to win trust (New York Times)
Bomber called CIA target gift from God (New York Times)
  • Also: CIA bomber says he lured targets with doctored intel (Washington Post)
  • Also: Bomber calls for jihad against Jordan (AFP)
Two blasts hit Kandahar, six dead (Reuters)
  • Also: Car bombs kill NATO soldier, five Afghans (AFP)
Attacks kill four NATO soldiers (BBC News)
Big rise in Afghan child migrants (BBC News)
Russia blames NATO for heroin surge from Afghanistan (BBC News)

The American awakening (book review) by Dexter Filkins (The New Republic)
Kabul makeover by Kim Barker (The Atlantic)

Other stories:
Saudi Arabia & India address terrorism in meeting (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Also: India, Saudi Arabia sign extradition treaty (Dawn)
Holi festival hit by water shortage (Times of London)
India prepares for a two-front war by Dan Blumenthal (Wall Street Journal)
India’s budget bore by Suman Bery (Wall Street Journal)
India’s government should try harder (Financial Times)

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