3-2-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on March 2, 2010 at 10:10 am


Top Stories

Pakistan seizes insurgent stronghold on Afghan border (WSJ)

Also: Pakistan says Army seized Taliban, Al-Qaeda base (AFP) (AFP) (AP) (Reuters) (Dawn)

Also: Taliban cave network found in Pakistan mountains (Telegraph)

Other Stories

Pakistan opposition accused of electricity theft (BBC) (Daily Times) (The News)

LHC refuses to hear Zardari dual office case (Dawn)

Pakistan lays out terror charges for five Americans (AP) (AFP) (CNN) (Reuters)

Pakistan won’t extradite Taliban leader (UPI)

Key Swat Taliban commander ‘killed in Pakistan’ (AFP) (Daily Times) (Dawn) (The News)

Taliban confirm wanted terror leader Qari Zafar killed in U.S. airstrike (Long War Journal)

Also: Missile kills ‘Lashkar e Jhangvi leader’ in Pakistan (BBC) (AP)

Xingjiang fighter ‘killed by drone’ (AJE) (Dawn) (Geo) (Times of India) (Daily Times)

Also: Death of militant a victory for China? (ABC)

Seven militants killed in fresh Khyber clashes (Dawn)

Military operation imminent in Orakzai, Tirah (Dawn)

U.S. plans audit office in Pakistan (Dawn)

U.S. to share laser-guiding bomb kits with Pakistan (AP) (Reuters) (The News)

U.S. donates military vehicles to Pakistan (UPI)

U.S. to establish ‘quick reaction force in Pakistan’ (Daily Times)

Holbrooke says $349 million in coalition support funds paid to Pakistan last week (Politico)

Islamic scholar Tahir ul Qadri issues terrorism fatwa (BBC)

Seven illegal immigrants arrested at Pak-Iran border (Dawn)

Iran reopens Pakistan border for trade after four months (Daily Times)

Iran to sign deal soon to sell natural gas to Pakistan (Reuters)

Swat women fear Taliban return (IRIN)

Pakistan, Argentina hold second round of bilateral talks (Daily Times)

Saudi role seen in Pak rounding up Taliban leaders (Times of India)

$20 million windfall for Pakistani TV (National)


Editorial: Saudi Connection (Dawn) Saudi Arabia has been in the news lately and much of it for reasons that may unsettle some here. But a closer look at the goings-on and speculation suggests that the ‘perceived’ negative impact on Pakistan is an exaggeration.

Fatwa Wars Aren’t the Solution by Brian Whitaker (Guardian) Minhaj al-Qur’an’s grand fatwa against terrorism, though well-meaning, does nothing to help progressive Islam.

Afghanistan and Pakistan for Obama Year One: Missed Opportunities by Brian Katulis (Eurasia Review)


Top Stories

Official says Pakistan group behind Kabul attacks (AP)

Also: Afghan intelligence ties Pakistani militants to guesthouse attacks (WP)

In Marja, a Vice-President speaks with warmth, but reaps cool (NYT)

Also: (WP) (LAT) (AP) (CentCom) (McClatchy)

Afghanistan bans live coverage of Taliban attacks (AFP) (BBC)

Also: Afghan government says it’s not banning attacks coverage (AP) (Reuters)

Other Stories

Attacks kill 6 NATO troops around Afghanistan (AP)

The model for Marjah (Newsweek)

Afghan teenagers risk life for Europe (BBC)

Afghan militias take on Taliban (Spiegel)

Mullahs help promote birth control in Afghanistan (AP)

Princess Anne visits troops in Afghanistan (AFP)


‘Mowing the grass’ in Afghanistan by H.D.S. Greenway (Boston Globe)

In Afghanistan, U.S. is fighting tribal insurgency, not jihad by Afzal Khan (Baltimore Sun)

Afghanistan is just a chessboard to politicians by Vladimir Snegiryov (Telegraph)

Death and taxes in Marjah, Afghanistan by Joshua Foust (World Politics Review)


Top Stories

PM asks Saudi King to help stop Pak terror (Times of India) (Dawn)

Also: BJP wants Singh, Tharoor to explain remarks on Saudi Arabia (Hindu) (Times of India)

Also: Congress backs Shashi Tharoor over Saudi Arabia statement (DNA) (DNA) (Hindu)

Other Stories

Silda mastermind nabbed by West Bengal police in Kolcatta (Times of India)

Ready to go extra mile if Pakistan acts against terror (Daily Times)

India, Pakistan to attend U.S. nuclear summit (Dawn) (AFP)

Saudi Arabia may nearly double oil supply to India (Bloomberg)

Protests by Muslims leave 2 dead in southern India (AP)

India exports rose for a third month on U.S. demand (Bloomberg)

Unprovoked Indian firing injures two Kashmiri children (Dawn)

Pakistani among five Jaish militants held in Dhaka (Hindu)


Editorial: Irrational Protests (Hindu)

Editorial: Look West (Times of India) It has been four years in the making, but Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Saudi Arabia trip shows every sign of being a success.

Editorial: Shaking Off Islamabad (Hindustan Times)

Water in India-Pakistan talks by Ramaswamy R. Iyer (Hindu)

Did the U.S. Bring India to the Table? By Josh Rogin (FP)


Justices won’t hear Uighur case (NYT)


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