2-26-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on February 26, 2010 at 11:15 am

Top stories:
Cynicism in both India and Pakistan after talks (Reuters)

Other stories:

Pakistan will deliver suspected insurgents to Afghanistan (Washington Post)
  • Also: Lahore High Court rules against extradition of Taliban (BBC News)
  • Also: Baradar extradition is blocked (Dawn)
Mystical form of Islam suits Sufis in Pakistan (New York Times)

Pakistani newspaper attributes mystical powers to diplomat (New York Times)
Did Pakistan help Iran arrest extremist foe? (Time)
Zardari offers talks to exiled Baloch leaders (Dawn)
Clinton urges rich Pakistanis to pay more taxes (Dawn)
U.S. auditors arrive to examine CSF claims (Daily Times)
An eye for an eye by Roger Cohen (New York Times)
The meeting in Delhi (Dawn)
A government adrift by Cyril Almeida (Dawn)
Framed by the Taliban by Mary Bowers (Dawn)
Not so close a contest (Daily Times)
New database on U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan (New America Foundation)


Top stories:
Deadly attacks in Kabul strike at foreigners in guesthouses (New York Times)
  • Also: Taliban attacks in Kabul kill at least 16 (Reuters)
  • Also: Several Indians were among those killed (Reuters)
  • Also: Crew of Taliban attack Kabul commercial area (Washington Post)
  • Also: Militants target hotel and two guesthouses (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: India condemns “heinous” attack on its interests (Financial Times)
  • Also: Suicide bombers hit center of Kabul (BBC News)
  • Also: Taliban say Kabul blast meant to force America out (McClatchy)
Other stories:
Taliban defectors accept U.S. approach but wait for promises to be kept (Washington Post)

As fighting eases, Afghans plant flag and hopes in Marja (New York Times)
Can Afghan Taliban absorb blow to Quetta Shura? (Christian Science Monitor)

Karzai’s shenanigans make the going harder for NATO (Economist)

German parliament backs Afghan troop increase (Associated Press)
Afghans give U.S. soldiers a run for their money (Associated Press)
Two accused of plotting terror with Zazi (Wall Street Journal)
Afghan police training contracts will likely go to Blackwater, Lockheed (Politico)
At new Bagram prison, some inmates buoyant (McClatchy)
Debating Afghanistan by Paul Pillar & John Nagl (The National Interest)

Amnesty International and the Taliban by Michael Weiss (Wall Street Journal)

The Taliban and personal terror (book review) by Francis Rocca (Wall Street Journal)
Don’t call that warlord a warlord by Antonio Giustozzi (Foreign Policy)
Why Gates needs a course in IR theory by Steve Walt (Foreign Policy)
Taliban attack on Mohammed’s birthday by Thomas Ruttig (Foreign Policy)
The war’s quiet scandal by T. Christian Miller (Daily Beast)

Other stories:
India aims to cut its debt (Wall Street Journal)
India to spend Rs. 1.47 trillion on defense (Wall Street Journal)
India leaves stimulus measures in place (Financial Times)
  • Also: India to review economy stimulus (BBC News)
India signals it is opening up retail sector (Financial Times)
Transcript: Pranab Mukherjee’s budget speech (Financial Times)
Maoists carry out slaughters, then offer truce (Economist)
Ending the red terror (Economist)

Standing up to India’s enemy within by Ashok Mehta (Wall Street Journal)

A shout-out for India’s 2010 budget by Paul Beckett (Wall Street Journal)

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