PakistanPulse 2-25-10

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Top stories:
India and Pakistan resume talks (New York Times)
  • Also: Rivals agree to “keep in touch” (Reuters)
  • Also: India and Pakistan take first step in rebuilding trust (BBC News)
  • Also: First talks since Mumbai attacks (Los Angeles Times)
  • Also: Talks resume after 15-month hiatus (Times of London)
Half of Afghan Taliban leadership arrested in Pakistan (Christian Science Monitor)

Pakistan offers Taliban official to Afghans (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Pakistan to hand over Baradar, says Afghanistan (Reuters)
  • Also: Pakistani authorities to transfer Taliban military chief (Financial Times)
  • Also: U.S. request to hand over Baradar was turned down (Dawn)

Other stories:

CIA and Pakistan work together, but do so warily (New York Times)

What lies behind Pakistan’s Taliban arrests? (BBC News)

U.S. increases arms transfers to India and Pakistan to maintain neutrality (Wall Street Journal)

Pakistani officials confirm arrest of Kabir (Associated Press)
U.S. soldiers were not target in Pakistan attack (Associated Press)
Pakistan intends to alter blasphemy law (Reuters)
Taliban leader Qazi Zafar reportedly killed in drone attack (Dawn)
Sindh High Court issues notices to ten federal ministries (Dawn)
UN probe team meets with ISI chief (Dawn)
NATO tankers cause damage to Balochistan road network (Dawn)
Clinton highlights U.S. assistance to Pakistan (Daily Times)
Government says judges also benefited from NRO (The News)
National Accountability Bureau chairman resigns (The News)
Gilani stresses need for Pak-Afghan border strategy (The News)
Obama’s Pakistan successes by Michael Hirsh (Newsweek)

Both the left and right are wrong about drones by David Rittgers (Wall Street Journal)
Al Qaeda’s troubling new focus (Boston Globe)
Pakistan plays ball by Imtiaz Gul (Foreign Policy)
Talking the talk by Mayank Chhaya (Foreign Policy)
Surge in extremism (Dawn)
Judicial appointments (Dawn)
Judges’ appointments (Daily Times)
Governing the governors by Syed Talat Hussain (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Officials puzzle over millions of dollars leaving Afghanistan for Dubai (Washington Post)

Flag raised, Marja reaches tipping point (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Afghan government claims Taliban stronghold (Associated Press)
  • Also: Q&A with Afghan journalist in Marja (BBC News)
Taking it to the Taliban (Time)

U.S. gives Karzai cautious support on new election law (AFP)

South Korea endorses sending troops back to Afghanistan (Associated Press)
NATO admits deaths of eight boys was mistake (Times of London)
Dutch retreat (New York Times)
Just war in Afghanistan (Times of London)
Europe’s empty promises by Christopher Chivvis (Foreign Policy)


Other stories:
India forecasts 8.8% economic growth (Financial Times)
India work scheme puts pressure on food prices (Financial Times)

As India sells assets, political tensions rise (New York Times)
Indian Railways plans $9 billion upgrade (Wall Street Journal)
Saving holds key to women’s empowerment (BBC News)
Kashmir youth take pot shots at peace process (Guardian)

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