PakistanPulse 2-24-10

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Top stories:

Taliban capture raises hopes of Pakistan shift (Wall Street Journal)

  • Also: Taliban commander captured in Karachi (The News)
Hopes for India-Pakistan peace talks are modest (Washington Post)

  • Also: A history of ups and downs in Indo-Pak relations (Washington Post)
  • Also: India-Pakistan talks are only the first stepping stone (Reuters)
  • Also: India and Pakistan bring different agendas (BBC News)
  • Also: Pakistani foreign secretary in India for talks (AFP)

Other stories:

U.S. missiles kill four in North Waziristan (Associated Press)
  • Also: Drone hits militant compound (BBC News)

Taliban kill two alleged U.S. spies in North Waziristan (Associated Press)

Jamaat-ud-Dawa easily evades government ban (Associated Press)
Taliban rocket kills four civilians in Peshawar (BBC News)
For Pakistani women, dupattas are more than fashion statement (Los Angeles Times)
Hekmatyar announces a peace plan (Geo)
Welsh convert to Islam killed in Pakistan blast (Times of London)
Parliamentary body to appoint judges (Daily Times)
Malik meets with Afghan interior minister (Dawn)
Sindh minister dissolve province’s local governments (Dawn)
Attorney General not to support government on Swiss cases (Dawn)
At least 30,000 Pakistanis have died in terror war since 2003 (Dawn)
Petraeus hails “breakthroughs” in Pakistan (Daily Times)
Power rentals are only shortcut to overcoming energy crisis (Daily Times)
Rabbani committee drops constitutional court proposal (The News)


A solid partner by Michael O’Hanlon (The National Interest)

The Swat attack (Dawn)
Violence revisited in Mingora (Daily Times)
The game-changer by Zafar Hilaly (The News)

Other stories:

Karzai asserts control over Afghan election body (New York Times)

  • Also: Karzai criticized over poll watchdog move (Reuters)

A series of setbacks for the coalition in Afghanistan (Economist)

Afghan administrator arrives in Marja (Wall Street Journal)

Gates calls European mood a danger to peace (New York Times)

NATO promises to fill Afghan gap (Financial Times)

Denmark rallies public behind Afghan war (Wall Street Journal)

Death toll in Afghan war nears 1,000 (Washington Post)

Afghan rights body says 28 civilians killed in Marja (Associated Press)

U.S. bomb squad is on front lines in Afghanistan (Associated Press)

Petraeus comments on Taliban detentions (Washington Post)
U.S. Senate slams reckless contractor in Afghanistan (Wall Street Journal)
Forces in Afghanistan told to limit nighttime raids (CNN)


Karzai’s power grab (New York Times)

A Karzai lament (Wall Street Journal)
The long and short of NATO (Christian Science Monitor)
Netherlands lands a blow to Afghan coalition (Los Angeles Times)
No more night terrors by Erica Gaston (Foreign Policy)
Let Europe be Europe by Andrew Bacevich (Foreign Policy)
From Newry to Helmand, lessons are the same by Simon Jenkins (Guardian)


Other stories:

India rebuffs Maoist overture (Wall Street Journal)
Indian troops killed in Kashmir clash with militants (BBC News)
Gun battle kills six in Indian Kashmir (Associated Press)
Delhi’s budget bets on growth by Arvind Subramanian (Wall Street Journal)

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