PakistanPulse 2-21-10

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Top stories

Pakistani police arrest another Taliban leader: report (AFP) (The News)

Beheaded body of Sikh local found in Orakzai (Dawn)

Taliban kills 2 Sikhs, send heads to Pak Gurdwara (Times of India) (Hindu) (IBN) (Hindustan Times)

Other stories:

Government to implement Charter of Democracy, says PM (Dawn)

Gunmen attack Gilgit mosque, policeman hurt (Dawn)

Taliban arrest motives questioned (AJE)

2 injured by FC shooting in Islamabad (Dawn)

Taliban-Pak Army links deepening? (Times of India)

Militants attack NWFP minister’s mills in Kohat (Dawn)

PMLN tried to rig by-polls: Sheikh Rashid (Dawn)


Pakistan smart to hit Taliban by Eric Rosenbach (Boston Globe)

What’s happening in Pakistan? By K. Subrahmanyam (Hindu)

Official’s doublespeak by Huma Yousuf (Dawn)

View from the U.S.: An Affair to remember by Anjum Niaz (Dawn)

Editorial: Continuing Tension (Dawn)

Editorial: Judicial assertion (Daily Times)


Top stories:

Dutch exit could leave key Afghan area vulnerable (WP) (Guardian) (NYT)

Also: Crisis highlights war fatigue in Europe (FT) (BBC) (Reuters) (Press TV)

U.S. envoy: no plans to reopen Uzbek Afghan airbase (Reuters) (Press TV) (Xinua)

Also: Holbrooke sees Central Asian help for Afghanistan (WP)

Gen Petraeus says U.S. losses in Afghanistan to be ‘tough’ (Bloomberg) (AFP) (BBC)

(Fox) (CSM)

Hamid Karzai’s rival warns him not to cut deals with the Taliban (Telegraph) (Press TV)

As Marja assault progresses, coalition considers challenges in rebuilding area (WP)

Clearing Afghanistan province could take at least a month (WSJ)

Prize on the battlefields of Marja may be momentum (NYT)

Outgunned Taliban mounting tough fight in Marja (AP)

Q+A: NATO still faces resilient Taliban in Afghanistan assault (Reuters)

Other stories:

Afghans frustrated in bids to made Taliban-free towns (LAT)

Robots and bees to beat the Taliban (Times)

U.S. soldiers thoughts: wife, home, buddies, death (WP)

Baradar’s lips sealed, U.S. wants him shifted to Afghan prison (Times of India)

4 more NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan (ABC)


NATO’s future in Afghanistan (WSJ)


Top stories:

Outcome of talks depends on Indian response: FM (The News) (Hindustan Times)

‘Terrorism not the only focus in talks with Pakistan (Dawn)

Both sides of the debate: why talk to Pak, why not (IBN)

Other stories:

Defense firms vie to feed India’s arms appetite (AP)

Zain, Bharti to sign letter of intent soon (Reuters)


Policing thought, not controlling terror by Siddharth Varadarajan (Hindu)

Other stories:


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