PakistanPulse 02-20-10

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02-20-10 news summary


Top stories

U.S. drone attack in NWA, casualties feared (Geo)

Terrorists attack police stations in Mansehra, Balakot (Dawn) (LWJ)

Pakistan kills 30 militants in airstrike (Reuters) (BBC) (Forbes) (Dawn)

Kayani, Malik discuss judicial crisis in meeting (Dawn)

Also: President Zardari does not want conflict with judiciary’ (Dawn)

Also: Judges thwarted emergency like situation February 13: CJ (Dawn)

Missile kills militant’s brother in Pakistan (NYT) (FT) (WSJ) (Reuters) (Guardian) (AP)

Other stories

Mullah Baradar, a journey from Kandahar to Karachi (Daily Times)

Pakistan enhances military posts along Afghan border (Dawn)

When things go boom in the night, Pakistanis blame Blackwater (CSM)

Lahore fashion week takes on Talibanization in Pakistan (CSM)

Gilani urges west to expand trade with Pakistan (Daily Times)

CJ takes NAB to task over graft cases (Dawn)

CIA post in Karachi helped catch heavy guns of Taliban (Dawn)

Obama briefed on Pakistan-Afghan situation (Dawn)

World Bank, government in $300m dispute over PRSC prog (Dawn)

Pak crackdown on Taliban with eye on Af role? (Times of India)

Pentagon rejects conspiracy theories maligning Pakistan (Dawn)


Editorial: Give peace a chance (Dawn)

Editorial: Big game, easy pickings (Daily Times)

Secrets, spies and lies by Irfan Husain (Dawn)

Separation of powers by Sania Nishtar (The News)


Top Stories

Dutch troops to pull out of Afghanistan by the end of year after coalition falls (Telegraph)

Also: Dutch government collapses over Afghan mission (WP) (WSJ) (Guardian)

Afghan President renews peace calls to Taliban (Reuters)

Also: Afghanistan’s Abdullah Abdullah questions Taliban’s peace moves (Reuters)

Marines do heavy lifting as Afghan Army lags in battle (NYT)

In Marja, it’s war the old-fashioned way (WP)

Afghan push went beyond traditional military goals (NYT)

Other stories

Military launches Afghanistan intelligence-gathering mission (WP)

Afghans near Marjah urged to help keep Taliban out (LAT)

Drones are playing a growing role in Afghanistan (NYT)

Afghan police deployed in Helmand war zone (BBC)

Troops face pockets of resistance in Marjah (WSJ) (BBC) (LAT) (Times)

CIA’s influence wanes in Afghanistan war, say officials (ABC News)

12 in allied forces die in Afghanistan (NYT)

Possible successors to captured Taliban’s no. 2 (WP)


Just who is fighting in Marja? By C.J. Chivers (NYT At War Blog)

Afghan press weighs offensive one week on (BBC)


Top stories

Fresh round of violence erupts in Hyderbad (Hindustan Times) (Hindu)

German bakery failed to follow security guidelines, say police (Hindu) (Hindustan Times)

Also: India restaurant bombing toll rises to twelve (AFP)

Indian state removes book with Jesus holding beer (WP)

Other stories

Continue trade with Pakistan: Chidambaram (Hindustan Times)

U.S. keen to see India, Pak reach stable relationship (PTI) (Dawn) (The Nation)

U.S. mediating between Pak, India to resolve water issues (Daily Times)

DRDO to develop technologies to fight terrorists, insurgents (Hindu)



U.S. Warns of Al Qaeda threat in Central Asia (Reuters)


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