PakistanPulse 2-19-10

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02-19-10 news summary


Top stories

U.S. drone kills militant leader’s brother (WSJ) (NYT) (Reuters) (Guardian) (Dawn) (AP)

In blow to Taliban, 2 more senior leaders are arrested (NYT) (WP) (Reuters) (Dawn) (AP)

U.S.-Pakistan cooperation led to capture of Afghan Taliban insurgents (WP) (Guardian) (WSJ)

Also: Pakistan raid: Taliban chief an extra prize (NYT)

Pakistan’s push for new role in Afghanistan (BBC)

Pakistan arrests more Afghan Taliban: Why the about face? (CSM)

Pakistan will not hand Taliban suspects to U.S.: Malik (Dawn) (AP)

Other stories

Key Osama aid among 9 terrorists held in Karachi (Daily Times)

Four Mercy Corps employees kidnapped in Balochistan (Dawn)

PPP, MQM agree to appoint administrators in Sindh (Geo)

Holbrooke hails Pakistan, U.S. cooperation on Taliban (Reuters)

US Supports FATA roadbuilding in Pakistan (CentCom)

Roadside blast hits NATO supply vehicle in Khazdar (Dawn) (Daily Times)

Pakistan fears India could divert nuclear fuel (Dawn)

South Korean police arrest alleged Taliban (Dawn)

FC sets up relief camps for Mohmand people (Daily Times)

CJ dismayed on NAB’s delay in reopening Swiss cases (Geo)

PM Gilani denies deal with Judiciary (Geo)


The long arm of LeT by Stephen Tankel (Washington Institute)

The Pakistani General who could save or doom Afghanistan by Max Fisher (Atlantic)

Editorial: Two years on (Dawn)

Politics of terrorism by Kuldip Nayar (Dawn)

What Ignatius really tells us about Pakistan by Patrick Berry (Democracy Arsenal?)

Another week another clash by Cyril Almeida (Dawn)

Three huge ways Pakistan still isn’t cooperating by David Kenner (FP)


Top Stories

Troops face pockets of resistance in Marjah (WSJ) (BBC) (LAT) (Times)

Four NATO troops killed on sixth day of Marjah offensive in Afghanistan (WP) (AJE) (Geo)

Concerns over Afghan civilians slows NATO advance (Reuters)

Other stories

U.S. compensates Afghans for death, damage (WP)

U.S. Envoy in Uzbekistan for Afghan talks (AFP)

Dutch Parliament debates Afghanistan (WSJ) (Irish Times)

In Afghanistan, Marines handling detainees by the book (LAT)

Also: U.S. reviewing Afghanistan detainee policy (CNN)


The Taliban and Reconciliation by Zalmay Khalilzad (NYT)

Success in Marjah will hinge on civilian surge by Timothy Hsia (NYT Blog)

Afghan push, hype or history in the making? By Jean MacKenzie and Mohammad Ilyas Dayee (WP)


Top stories

India to raise 26/11 probe status with Pakistan: Chidambaram (Times of India) (Dawn)

No U.S. pressure to hold talks with Pakistan: Tharoor (ThaiIndian)

India security focus would limit talks: Pakistan (Reuters) (Daily Times)

Composite Dialogue to improve Pakistan-India ties: Bashir (Reuters)

Faceless face of the Maoists (Hindustan Times)

Other stories

Everybody knows about 42 terrorist camps in Pakistan: Antony (Hindustan Times)

India budget may roll back tax breaks (WSJ)

India scrutinizes U.S. firm for Pakistan ties (WSJ)

Shyam Saran to quit as PM’s special envoy (Hindustan Times)


Editorial: India’s flawed fight against the Maoists (Hindu)

Does India want drug innovation or not? By Ronald A. Cass (WSJ)


Senate panel announces big hearing on Blackwater’s Afghanistan contract (WI)

Deadhead Jihad (Newsweek)


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