NewsPulse 2-18-10

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02-18-10 news summary


Top stories

Bomb at Pakistan mosque kills dozens (NYT) (Reuters) (Guardian) (AP) (AJE) (Dawn)

Suspected US Missile strike in Pakistan, 3 dead (Reuters) (Dawn)

Avalanche leaves 50 dead in Kohistan (Dawn) (BBC)

Pakistan averts showdown over President’s judicial picks (WP) (NYT) (CNN) (Reuters)


Pakistan: US Envoy declines to link arrest of top Afghan Taliban with reconciliation efforts (AP)

Holbrooke calls on Nawaz Sharif (Dawn)

Bomb blast kills 11 in Orakzai (Dawn)

3 Al Qaeda associates arrested in Karachi (Dawn)

U.S., Pakistan publicly confirm capture of Taliban leader (WP) (WSJ)

Pakistan poised for more arrests after capture of Mullah Baradar (Telegraph)

Pakistan concern at Afghan offensive (RTE)

Pakistan economy lifts, energy problems weigh (Reuters)

IMF expects new review of Pakistan loan in March (WSJ)

Pakistan on path of economic recovery: IMF (Daily Times)

Amputees struggle in Taliban torn Pakistan (AFP)

Pakistani court rejects bail for U.S. suspects (AFP) (UPI)


Editorial: Supreme Court wins (Dawn)

Self-defeating exercises by I.A. Rehman (Dawn)

Editorial: The mullah and the Marjah campaign (NYT)

Analysis: Pakistan shows action, eyes talks, with Taliban arrest by Zeeshan Haidar and Robert Birsel (Reuters)

Mullah Baradar’s capture (WSJ)

Dialogue with Afghan Taliban by Ayaz Wazir (The News)

Dialogue with India by Tayyib Siddiqi (The News)


Committee to Protect Journalists releases “Pakistan: Attacks on Press 2009” (CPJ)


Top stories

In blow to Taliban, 2 more senior leaders are arrested (NYT) (WP) (Reuters) (Dawn)Also: Another Taliban leader captured in Pakistan (Newsweek) (LWJ)

US Marines report Taliban resistance in Operation Moshtarak (Guardian)

  • Taliban resistance slows coalition forces in Marja, Afghanistan (WP)
  • Snipers imperil U.S.-led forces in Afghan offensive (NYT)
  • Offensive facing high mining IED levels (UPI)
  • Also:    Coalition prepares to set up authority in Marja (WSJ)
  • Operation Moshtarak Day by Day (BBC)
  • Interactive Map: Guide to Operation Moshtarak (BBC)

Afghan, Taliban envoys meet for talks in Maldives (Reuters) (CBC) (Times of India)

(Times of London)

  • Why arrest of Taliban No. 2 could undercut peace talks (CSM) (McClatchy) (WI)


Afghans greet Marja offensive with anger, hope (WP)

Taliban town residents skeptical of NATO promises (AP)

Afghan Police unit may have joined Taliban (NYT)

A look at NATO combat rules in Afghanistan (AP)

Taliban armory: Rocks, potshots and drawings (AP)

Taliban ammunition running low (BBC)

Army uses Python against Taliban roadside bombs in Afghanistan for the first time (Telegraph)

Weapon that killed 12 Afghan civilians is back in use (LAT)

Afghan push has Iraqi precedent (WSJ)

US envoy hails Taliban commander’s capture (AFP)

Baradar profile (BBC)

Dutch cabinet deadlocked over Afghanistan mission (AP)

Afghanistan’s top cops finish Canadian sponsored leadership course (Canadian Press)

U.S. won’t talk to Taliban unless it cuts Al Qaeda ties (AP)

Pakistan concern at Afghan offensive (RTE)


Editorial: The mullah and the Marjah campaign (NYT)

Don’t forget Afghanistan’s justice system by Robert Obrien and Stephen Larson (CBS)

The meaning of Marjah by Kamran Bokhari, Peter Zeihan and Nathan Hughes (Stratfor)

Editorial: Capture of Taliban commander and the jockeying of a post-U.S.-Afghanistan (CSM)

Empty skies over Afghanistan by Lara Dadkhah (NYT)

Marjeh’s civilian victims by David Foust (Registan) and (Registan)

Marja: From U.S. aid to U.S. Marines by Wesley Morgan (NYT Blog)


UN OCHA Report: “16 Feb 2010 Update on Helmand Displacement” (OCHA)

Committee to Protect Journalists releases “Afghanistan: Attacks on Press 2009” (CPJ)

USIP report: “Traditional Dispute Resolution and Stability in Afghanistan” (USIP)


My Life with the Taliban by Abdul Salam Zaeef, Reviewed by David Rohde (TNR)

Also WNYC Radio interview with book’s translators (WNYC)


Top Stories

Voice samples of 26/11 accused to figure in India-Pakistan talks (Hindustan Times) (Hindu)

  • India being ‘realistic’ in agreeing to talk to Pakistan (Hindu)
  • India skeptical over intelligence sharing with Pakistan (DNA)

Suspected rebels kill ten villagers in India (WSJ) (AP)

  • Bengal to raise battalion to contain Maoist violence (Hindu)
  • India to hold West Bengal Maoist attack inquiry (BBC)
  • India Officially condemns deadly Maoist attack (WSJ)


China intensifies a tug of war with India over Nepal (NYT)

India describes Nepal’s President’s visit as historic (Daily India)

Police in Delhi question 2 Britons (WSJ) (Hindu) (Dawn) (Press TV)

India arrests three over Mumbai attack lawyer killing (AFP)

JuD chief rejects Indian charges (AJE)

India’s news channels to boycott IPL (AFP)

India’s food prices soar (WSJ)

Sikorsky plans to make Black Hawk in India (WSJ)


For Indo-Pakistan concord by V.R. Krishna Iyer (Hindu)

Editorial: Shifting gears (Times of India)

Editorial: Talking with Guns (Times of India)


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