NewsPulse 2-17-10

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02-17-10 News Summary

Top Stories

Another Taliban leader captured in Pakistan (Newsweek) (LWJ)

Judicial Row:

Pakistan averts showdown over President’s judicial picks (WP) (Reuters)

Also (AP) (Dawn) (The News) (Hindu) (The Nation)

Also, President SCBA calls off lawyers’ strike (Dawn)

Executive, judiciary break ice (Business Week) (Daily Times)

Scenarios: Possible outcomes in Pakistan’s judicial row (Reuters India)

Drone Strike: Three killed in US missile strike in Pakistan (Reuters)

Also (AFP) (CNN) (Democracy Now!) (Dawn)

Pakistan and Baradar Capture

Taliban arrest may be crucial for Pakistanis (NYT) (WP) (WSJ) (Telegraph)

Also: Holbrooke commends Pakistan on Baradar’s arrest (Dawn)

Capturing Taliban’s No. 2: How much Pakistani help? (Newsweek)

After senior Taliban arrest, official reflects on expanding Pakistan-CIA ties (CSM)

Karachi a refuge but no base for the Taliban (Reuters)

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar: Are other Taliban leaders hiding in Karachi? (CSM)

Pakistan confirms Taliban leader’s arrest (WP) (AP) (Dawn) (The News)

Also: Mullah Baradar arrest reports propaganda, Rehman Malik (Dawn)

Also: Muted Pakistani media response to Taliban arrest (BBC)

Other stories:

Pakistani court rejects bail for U.S. suspects (AFP) (UPI)

Pakistan economy lifts, energy problems weigh (Reuters)

IMF expects new review of Pakistan loan in March (WSJ)

Pakistan on path of economic recovery: IMF (Daily Times)

Election tribunal dismisses plea against Nawaz (Dawn) (Geo)

One killed, three injured in Mohmand Agency Explosion (Dawn)

Six militants killed in Kurram Agency (Dawn)

Balochistan beefs up security along Afghan border (Dawn)

Court rejects bail for U.S. terror suspects (CNN) (Dawn)

Several arrested on Pakistan-Afghanistan border (The News)

Amputees struggle in Taliban torn Pakistan (AFP)

Editorials, OpEds and Blogs

Editorial: The mullah and the Marjah campaign (NYT)

Editorial: Arrest of Taliban leader, Pakistan holds the key (Guardian)

The curse of lying by AQ Khan (The News)

Editorial: Dadu Blast (Dawn)

Dr. Aafia’s Appeal by Rafia Zakaria (Dawn)

Rulers torment the nation by Shireen Mazari (The Nation)

Editorial: Fit to drink? (The News)


The International Crisis Group released a report Tuesday: “Reforming Pakistan’s Civil Service.”  Read the executive summary here.

Pakistan Conflict Monitor released a report Tuesday: “Strategic Measures to Counter Suicide Terrorism.” Read a summary here.


Top stories:

Afghan Offensive

Marines in Afghan assault grapple with civilian deaths (NYT) Also: (CSM)

Also: Afghanistan Taliban ‘using human shields’ (BBC) (VOA)

U.S., Afghan forces work to secure key areas in Marja (WP) (LAT)

Also: Fighting slows in Afghan offensive, allies say (NYT)

Baradar Afghanistan

Top Taliban commander held in Pakistan (WP) (Guardian) (LAT) (Newsweek)

Also: Mullah Baradar’s capture is a major coup (Guardian) (Economist) (The Australian)

Also: Taliban arrest significant development: Holbrooke (AFP)

Also: Taliban chief’s capture seen as start, more needed (Reuters)

Also: After Taliban Baradar arrest, does Bin Laden matter? (CSM)

Why arrest of Taliban No. 2 could undercut peace talks (CSM)

Also: (McClatchy) (WI) (MH)

NYT holds Taliban news at White House request (AP)

Also: Obama administration silent on details of Taliban leader’s detention (Fox) (Dawn)

Baradar Background Articles: Baradar more dangerous than Omar (Dawn)

Baradar was Mullah Omar’s right hand man (Telegraph) (Newsweek) (BBC)

Peace Talks Afghan, Taliban envoys meet for talks in Maldives (Reuters)

Also: (CBC) (Times of India) (AFP) (AP)

Other stories:

Photos: Marja offensive (WP)

UN rejects militarization of Afghan aid (NYT)

A look at NATO combat rules in Afghanistan (AP)

Taliban armory: Rocks, potshots and drawings (AP)

Army uses Python against Taliban roadside bombs in Afghanistan for the first time (Telegraph)

Weapon that killed 12 Afghan civilians is back in use (LAT)

US envoy hails Taliban commander’s capture (AFP)

Baradar profile

Dutch cabinet deadlocked over Afghanistan mission (AP)

Afghanistan’s top cops finish Canadian sponsored leadership course (Canadian Press)


Don’t forget Afghanistan’s justice system by Robert Obrien and Stephen Larson (CBS)

The meaning of Marjah by Kamran Bokhari, Peter Zeihan and Nathan Hughes (Stratfor)

Editorial: Capture of Taliban commander and jockeying of post-U.S.-Afghanistan (CSM)

Editorial: Is capture of Taliban leader beginning of a trend? (WP)

What the partisan squabbles miss on Obama’s terror response by David Ignatius (WP)

How significant is Mullah Baradar’s arrest? By Ilyas Khan (BBC)

Baradar captured as Pakistani’s ISI change tack: analysis by Ben Farmer (Telegraph)

Strategic Withdrawal by Steve Coll (The New Yorker: Think Tank Blog)

Deciphering Arrest of a Taliban Leader (Economist Blog)

Mullah Baradar by Juan Cole (Informed Comment)

Editorial: Surging smartly: The Marines rising to risky challenge in Afghanistan (NYDaily)


Top Stories

New Jihadist group claims responsibility for Pune attack (The Hindu)

Also: (BBC) (AFP) (UPI)

India to Pakistan: No composite dialogue (Hindu) (Dawn) (The News)

Also: Terror focus point of talks with Pakistan (Hindustan Times) (Irish Times)

Also: India talking to Pakistan under U.S. pressure: Gadkari (Hindustan Times)

Also:India skeptical over intelligence sharing with Pakistan (DNA)

Also: LeT founder says room for India-Pakistan talks (Reuters) (AJE)

Other Stories

China intensifies a tug of war with India over Nepal (NYT)

India to hold West Bengal Maoist attack inquiry (BBC)

Police in Delhi question 2 Britons (WSJ) (Hindu) (Dawn) (Press TV)

India arrests three over Mumbai attack lawyer killing (AFP)

JuD chief rejects Indian charges (AJE)

India’s news channels to boycott IPL (AFP)

India assures teams over safety of Delhi World Cup (BBC) (VOA) (Times of India)

India, Russia set up USD 600 million aircraft joint venture (Hindustan Times)

Delhi court issues warrant for Sajaan Kumar (Hindustan Times)

India ready to help Bharti Airtel in Zain deal (WSJ)

India Rupee hits two week high on global cues, bonds lower (WSJ)

Al Qaeda chief delivers warning (to Asia Times) (Asia Times)

Editorials and OpEds:

Let India train the Afghan army by Samit Ganguly (WSJ)

India-Pakistan Talks: A very shaky start by Suhasini Haidar (IBN)

India-Pakistan talks are better than nothing by Neeta Lal (WPR)

India’s competitive edge by Joseph Sternberg (WSJ)


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