2-16-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on February 16, 2010 at 9:37 am


Top Stories

Secret joint raid captures Taliban’s top commander (NYT)

Also: (Reuters) (BBC) (WSJ) (Dawn) (Telegraph) (ABC) (Newser) (Sky)

Also: Afghan Taliban confirm capture of number two commander (Bloomberg)

Good background on Mullah Baradar: (Newsweek)

Suspected U.S. missile strike in Pakistan, 3 dead (WP) (Dawn) (Daily Times) (AP)

Pakistani lawyer’s boycott after judges row (WP)

Protests shut down courts in Pakistan (WSJ)

Judges issue deadlocks constitutional reform committee (The News)

Other stories:

Thousands take out pro-Zardari rallies across country (Daily Times)

Also: Nationwide rallies in President’s support (The Nation)

Sindh Assembly approves local government amendment bill (Dawn)

Also: Bureaucrats to replace Nazims in Sindh (Dawn)

Government to complete tenure (Zardari)

Govt offers Kayani two-year extension (The News)

Kerry says India Pakistan talks must go on (WSJ)

Pakistan and Iran finalize operational agreement on gas pipeline (The News)

Repatriation for Bajaur IDPs to Begin Next Month (Dawn)

President directs Secretariat to step up post operation strategy (Daily Times)

Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan declines in seven months (Examiner)

The New Landscape of Insurgency in Bajaur (Jamestown Foundation)

President Musharraf hints at return to politics (Dawn)

Editorials,OpEds and (credible) Blogs:

  • I take it all back by Michael Cohen: On Baradar capture: Not only is this enormous as far as the US war in Afghanistan, but it suggests for perhaps the first time that the Pakistan government is willing to cooperate with the US in going after the Afghan Taliban… This has the potential to change the entire complexion of the war in Afghanistan – and for the better. For the first time in a very long time, there is reason for optimism (Democracy Arsenal)
  • Taliban military commander captured; will it impact reconciliation talks? By Gregg Carlstrom (The Majlis)
  • It’s extremely important we don’t torture Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar by Spencer Ackerman (Attackerman)
  • Baradar’s Capture by Joshua Foust (Registan)
  • Who sets the political? agenda by Maleeha Lodhi (The News)
  • Editorial: More brickbats (Dawn)


Top stories:

Taliban Resist Afghan Offensive (WSJ) Also: (NYT) (Independent) (NYT) (NYT) (WAPO) (WAPO) (WSJ) (WSJ) (WSJ) (BBC) (BBC) (BBC) (AP) (AP) (AP) (Guardian) (Times) (Times) (AJE) (National) (Guardian) (Times) (AP) (WSJ)

Also: Hidden enemy delays advance in Marja (London Times)

Other stories:

Afghan offensive proceeds, in battle and broadcasts (WSJ)

Afghan suicide bombings less effective as a tactics (NYT)

Timeline: The Afghanistan War (San Diego Tribune)

US Marine walks away from shot to helmet in Afghanistan (WSJ)

Art Exhibition held in Kabul (Pajhowk)


Editorial: Marines into Marja (WSJ)

Editorial: Handing over to Afghanistan (Guardian)

Editorial: An Afghan Deal (WP)

What the Marjah Battle Costs by Michael O’Hanlon (The Daily Beast)


Other Stories

IM suspect, Pune could be part of ‘Karachi project’ (Economic Times India)

IM imprint clearer, India won’t rule out foreign hand (Hindustan Times)

India signals change of tactic by agreeing to talk despite Pune (Times of India)

India increasing defense spending as economy grows (VOA) (Economic Times)

Indian troops kill three suspected separatist rebels (Dawn)

Sir Jock Stirrup says UK troops ‘must win Afghan trust’ (BBC)

Police study video of attackers of Indian Bakery (AP)


Commentary: Dialogue or Jihad 2.0? by Amir Mir (Outlook India)

Other stories:

U.S. Intelligence Obtains Trove of Al Qaeda Contacts Detailing Links Between Yemen Affiliate and Central Leadership (Newsweek)

Targeted Killings Rise Under Obama as Terror Captures Decline (WAPO)

The Jihad Against the Jihadists by Fareed Zakaria (Newsweek)


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