2-15-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on February 15, 2010 at 11:18 am


Top Stories
U.S. missiles kill six in Pakistan (NYT) Also: (AJE) (CNN) (Reuters) (Dawn)

Pakistan’s President and top court spar over Judges (WSJ) (BBC) (NYT)

Other stories:

Taliban’s mastermind of suicide attacks in alive (Long War Journal)

Talks underway for nuclear deal with U.S.: Haqqani (Dawn)

Pakistan’s stock index declines on Zardari-Chaudry conflict (Business Week)

Blast in Southern Pakistan kills 3, say officials (AP)

PM asks EU to treat Pakistan on par with India (The News)

Zardari to chair PPP meeting today (Dawn)

TTP claims responsibility for Bannu attacks

LHC adjourns Nawaz Sharif’s hearings until Feb 16 (Dawn)


Editorial: The greatest danger (The News)

Editorial: Talking Sense (The News)

Editorial: Shareif lashes out (Dawn)

Editorial: Dizzying Deadlock (Daily Times)

Giving dialogue a chance by Sherry Rehman (The News)

Defeating Militancy by Talat Masood (The News)

Azad Kashmir Today by Ahmed Fauqui (Dawn)

Trade and peace: Are they linked? By S. Akbar Zaidi (Dawn)

Damage the drones do by Tayyab Siddiqi (The News)

Web of silence by Huma Yusuf (Dawn)


Top stories:

Errant US rocket strike kills civilians in Afghanistan (NYT) Also: (Guardian) (LATimes)

  • McChrystal regrets Afghan deaths (BBC)
  • HIMARS use suspended (UPI)

The Marines move on Marja, A perilous slog against Afghanistan’s Taliban (WP)

  • Afghan Attack Gives Marine Taste of War (NYT)
  • A Test for the Meaning of Victory in Afghanistan (NYT)
  • Allied Troops Seize Taliban Post, Fighting Is Sporadic (NYT)
  • Coalition force draw Taliban retreat from key stronghold (Guardian)
  • Afghanistan offensive is key test of Obama’s strategy (WP)
  • U.S. and Afghan troops expand control in Marjah (WSJ)
  • Marjah offensive a test of Obama’s broader Afghanistan strategy (CSM)

Other stories
Taliban release video of two hostages (AP) Also: (Reuters)

Roadside Bombs Taking Bigger Role in Afghanistan (US Today)

Afghanistan’s government seeks more control over the elections (WP)

UK soldier killed in Afghanistan offensive named (BBC)

Afghanistan believe they can surprise elite nations (London Times)

Photos: Marines bring major operation in Marjah, Afghanistan (WP).

Taliban Hinder Afghan Offensive with booby traps (Dawn)

Afghan police kill seven boys collecting firewood (Reuters)


Editorial: Afghanistan offensive: Why Barack Obama is boxed in (Guardian)

Editorial: Helmand offensive (Daily Times)

Government in a box: brutal truth of Afghanistan mission impossible by Peter McKay (Daily Mail)


Top Story

India and Pakistan maintain summit plans after attack (Boston Globe)

  • Also: Will India and Pakistan talks survive Pune bombing? (CSM)
  • Nationalists blame Pakistan for bombing in India (AP)
  • No rethinking on talks with Pakistan (The Hindu)
  • Indian police search for restaurant attackers (AFP)

Other Stories

Nepal President to visit India today (Hindustan Times)

Indian inflation accelerates to 15-month high of 8.56% (Business Week) (WSJ)


Editorial: Crafting an agenda for talks (The Hindu)

The Accidental terrorist by Sadanand Dhume (WSJ)

Other stories:

Cheyney criticizes Obama on national security policy and Biden fires back (WP)

In Middle East, Clinton asks for patience with U.S. strategy (WP)

Five Australians jailed for jihad plots (Reuters)


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