2-11-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on February 11, 2010 at 9:33 am
Other stories:
Conservative Sunni activism reemerges in heart of Pakistan (Washington Post)
Pakistan says Feb. 25 India talks are likely (Wall Street Journal)
Taliban strikes target police in northern Pakistan (Financial Times)
Pakistan officials “100%” certain Mehsud is dead (Washington Post)

  • Also: Malik says reports of Hakimullah’s death are credible (The News)
Suicide attack kills 17, mostly police, in Khyber (New York Times)

  • Also: Brigadier among those killed in Khyber (Dawn)
  • Also: Death toll rises in Khyber attack (BBC News)
U.S. national security adviser visits Swat (Daily Times)
PML-N in quandry as court hears Shahbaz case (Daily Times)
Zardari asks U.S. for drone technology (The News)
Pakistan needs its own nuclear deal by Christine Fair (Wall Street Journal)
Pakistani Taliban apologists by Gulmina Bilal Ahmad (Daily Times)
Other stories:
As Afghan push looms, tribal leaders are skeptical (New York Times)
Afghan officials woo residents before assault (Wall Street Journal)
U.S. troops close Taliban escape route before attack (Associated Press)
Ousted tribal leaders poised to take over after NATO offensive (Times of London)
Taliban vow guerrilla warfare against NATO troops (AFP)
Five Americans wounded in attack on U.S. base (Associated Press)
New battles test U.S. strategy in Afghanistan (Wall Street Journal)
Afghan government in tentative talks with insurgent leader (McClatchy)
Afghan tribe takes first step in anti-Taliban pact (Associated Press)
UN forecasts “stable” Afghan opium crop (Associated Press)
Afghan conflict is an information war (BBC News)
Afghanistan’s Sikh heroine fights for rights (BBC News)
Tentative peace talks with Hekmatyar (Christian Science Monitor)
Afghanistan needs job creation by Graciana del Castillo (Christian Science Monitor)

Other stories:
India talks about shooting in Kashmir (New York Times)
India announces Kashmir amnesty initiative (BBC News)
India’s genetically modified mistake (Wall Street Journal)
India skeptical of U.S. pledge to combat climate change (Christian Science Monitor)
UK, India sign civil nuclear pact (Daily Times)

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