2-4-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on February 4, 2010 at 9:08 am

Top stories:
Pakistan arrests 35 in U.S. soldiers’ deaths (New York Times)
  • Also: Police say bomber rammed soldiers’ car (Associated Press)
  • Also: Deaths underscore sensitive U.S. mission (Reuters)
  • Also: Attack brings focus on low-key U.S. mission (McClatchy)
  • Also: Holbrooke says those killed not with Blackwater (Foreign Policy)
  • Also: Obama’s silent war shocks Pakistan (Guardian)
Other stories:
Pakistani scientist found guilty of shootings (New York Times)
U.S. believes Pakistani Taliban leader is dead (Associated Press)
Pakistani ambassador is rejected by Saudi Arabia (Foreign Policy)
Fifteen militants are killed in Bajaur (Dawn)
  • Also: Several Taliban commanders killed in operation (Daily Times)
Lawmakers agree to end Karachi clashes (Bloomberg)
  • Also: Troops deployed in Karachi amidst clashes (BBC News)
  • Also: Rangers given charge of Karachi (The News)
The mystery of Balochistan disappearances (BBC News)
Dir: A Pakistani militant hotbed (BBC News)
Nawaz Sharif not contesting by-elections (Dawn)
Kayani spells out threat posed by Indian doctrine (Dawn)
Petraeus lauds Pakistan’s appeal to Afghan Taliban (Daily Times)
Case registered against former corps commander and two ISI officials (Daily Times)
Go negative in Pakistan by Daniel Byman (Daily Beast)
Disrupt al Qaeda’s core by Bruce Riedel (Daily Beast)
The secret war in Pakistan by Michael Williams (Guardian)
Political solution in Karachi (Dawn)
Trouble in Karachi (Daily Times)
Showdown in Sindh (The News)
The politics of survival by Syed Talat Hussain (Daily Times)
Officials say biggest offensive of the war is coming (New York Times)
Karzai’s reconciliation strategy raises ethnic, rights concerns (Washington Post)
Army pins hopes for Kandahar on old foe (Financial Times)
U.S. to share anti-bomb equipment with NATO (Associated Press)
NATO chief says no plan to “bribe” Taliban (Associated Press)
U.S. says Afghans want to be farmers, not fighters (Reuters)
Thousands of electoral staff members are banned (Telegraph)
Soldiers find time for hockey in Afghanistan (Associated Press)
Lurching toward defeat in Afghanistan by Ann Marlowe (Wall Street Journal)

Other stories:
India offers to resume stalled talks with Pakistan (Associated Press)
  • Also: India proposes new talks with Islamabad (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Secretary-level talks are proposed (Dawn)
  • Also: Indian Home Minister will travel to Pakistan (Dawn)
Scrutiny of foreign banks urged on India (Financial Times)
India imposes curfew in Srinagar (BBC News)
Indian village may hold key to beating dementia (BBC News)
In India, a salon a cut above the rest (Time)
Make the call to Islamabad, Mr. Singh by Paul Beckett (Wall Street Journal)
India’s retail ties that bind by Arvind Singhal (Wall Street Journal)


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