2-1-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on February 1, 2010 at 10:11 am
Pakistan probing reported death of Taliban leader (Associated Press)
Pakistan offers to train Afghan security forces (Reuters)
Who’s who in the Pakistan Taliban (Christian Science Monitor)
How drones are changing modern warfare (BBC News)
Karachi ethnic clashes kill 12 (BBC News)
MQM says Karachi culprits have links to extremists (Dawn)
Consensus on oil pricing eludes experts (Dawn)
TTP damaged (Dawn)
Reversing history by Ahmad Faruqui (Dawn)
Hurdles remain in training Afghan troops (Washington Post)
Afghan police repel suicide attack in south (Associated Press)
NATO pressing for more training for Afghan forces (Reuters)
Bomb kills U.S. service member in southern Afghanistan (Associated Press)
After London conference, Karzai returns optimistic (Christian Science Monitor)
U.S. Marines fight a “different war” in Afghanistan (AFP)
U.S. casualties provoke rage and frustration (Telegraph)
Karzai says geological reserves worth a trillion dollars (The News)

Taliban not for sale by Ron Moreau (Newsweek)
India exports show healthy rise (Financial Times)
UK suspends student visas to curb fraud (Financial Times)
Killing  provokes Kashmir protests (BBC News)
Coffee chain woos Indian palates (BBC News)
The tyranny of the “batch” by Akhil Verma (Wall Street Journal)

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