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2-26-10 PakPulse

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Top stories:
Cynicism in both India and Pakistan after talks (Reuters)

Other stories:

Pakistan will deliver suspected insurgents to Afghanistan (Washington Post)
  • Also: Lahore High Court rules against extradition of Taliban (BBC News)
  • Also: Baradar extradition is blocked (Dawn)
Mystical form of Islam suits Sufis in Pakistan (New York Times)

Pakistani newspaper attributes mystical powers to diplomat (New York Times)
Did Pakistan help Iran arrest extremist foe? (Time)
Zardari offers talks to exiled Baloch leaders (Dawn)
Clinton urges rich Pakistanis to pay more taxes (Dawn)
U.S. auditors arrive to examine CSF claims (Daily Times)
An eye for an eye by Roger Cohen (New York Times)
The meeting in Delhi (Dawn)
A government adrift by Cyril Almeida (Dawn)
Framed by the Taliban by Mary Bowers (Dawn)
Not so close a contest (Daily Times)
New database on U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan (New America Foundation)


Top stories:
Deadly attacks in Kabul strike at foreigners in guesthouses (New York Times)
  • Also: Taliban attacks in Kabul kill at least 16 (Reuters)
  • Also: Several Indians were among those killed (Reuters)
  • Also: Crew of Taliban attack Kabul commercial area (Washington Post)
  • Also: Militants target hotel and two guesthouses (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: India condemns “heinous” attack on its interests (Financial Times)
  • Also: Suicide bombers hit center of Kabul (BBC News)
  • Also: Taliban say Kabul blast meant to force America out (McClatchy)
Other stories:
Taliban defectors accept U.S. approach but wait for promises to be kept (Washington Post)

As fighting eases, Afghans plant flag and hopes in Marja (New York Times)
Can Afghan Taliban absorb blow to Quetta Shura? (Christian Science Monitor)

Karzai’s shenanigans make the going harder for NATO (Economist)

German parliament backs Afghan troop increase (Associated Press)
Afghans give U.S. soldiers a run for their money (Associated Press)
Two accused of plotting terror with Zazi (Wall Street Journal)
Afghan police training contracts will likely go to Blackwater, Lockheed (Politico)
At new Bagram prison, some inmates buoyant (McClatchy)
Debating Afghanistan by Paul Pillar & John Nagl (The National Interest)

Amnesty International and the Taliban by Michael Weiss (Wall Street Journal)

The Taliban and personal terror (book review) by Francis Rocca (Wall Street Journal)
Don’t call that warlord a warlord by Antonio Giustozzi (Foreign Policy)
Why Gates needs a course in IR theory by Steve Walt (Foreign Policy)
Taliban attack on Mohammed’s birthday by Thomas Ruttig (Foreign Policy)
The war’s quiet scandal by T. Christian Miller (Daily Beast)

Other stories:
India aims to cut its debt (Wall Street Journal)
India to spend Rs. 1.47 trillion on defense (Wall Street Journal)
India leaves stimulus measures in place (Financial Times)
  • Also: India to review economy stimulus (BBC News)
India signals it is opening up retail sector (Financial Times)
Transcript: Pranab Mukherjee’s budget speech (Financial Times)
Maoists carry out slaughters, then offer truce (Economist)
Ending the red terror (Economist)

Standing up to India’s enemy within by Ashok Mehta (Wall Street Journal)

A shout-out for India’s 2010 budget by Paul Beckett (Wall Street Journal)

PakistanPulse 2-25-10

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Top stories:
India and Pakistan resume talks (New York Times)
  • Also: Rivals agree to “keep in touch” (Reuters)
  • Also: India and Pakistan take first step in rebuilding trust (BBC News)
  • Also: First talks since Mumbai attacks (Los Angeles Times)
  • Also: Talks resume after 15-month hiatus (Times of London)
Half of Afghan Taliban leadership arrested in Pakistan (Christian Science Monitor)

Pakistan offers Taliban official to Afghans (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Pakistan to hand over Baradar, says Afghanistan (Reuters)
  • Also: Pakistani authorities to transfer Taliban military chief (Financial Times)
  • Also: U.S. request to hand over Baradar was turned down (Dawn)

Other stories:

CIA and Pakistan work together, but do so warily (New York Times)

What lies behind Pakistan’s Taliban arrests? (BBC News)

U.S. increases arms transfers to India and Pakistan to maintain neutrality (Wall Street Journal)

Pakistani officials confirm arrest of Kabir (Associated Press)
U.S. soldiers were not target in Pakistan attack (Associated Press)
Pakistan intends to alter blasphemy law (Reuters)
Taliban leader Qazi Zafar reportedly killed in drone attack (Dawn)
Sindh High Court issues notices to ten federal ministries (Dawn)
UN probe team meets with ISI chief (Dawn)
NATO tankers cause damage to Balochistan road network (Dawn)
Clinton highlights U.S. assistance to Pakistan (Daily Times)
Government says judges also benefited from NRO (The News)
National Accountability Bureau chairman resigns (The News)
Gilani stresses need for Pak-Afghan border strategy (The News)
Obama’s Pakistan successes by Michael Hirsh (Newsweek)

Both the left and right are wrong about drones by David Rittgers (Wall Street Journal)
Al Qaeda’s troubling new focus (Boston Globe)
Pakistan plays ball by Imtiaz Gul (Foreign Policy)
Talking the talk by Mayank Chhaya (Foreign Policy)
Surge in extremism (Dawn)
Judicial appointments (Dawn)
Judges’ appointments (Daily Times)
Governing the governors by Syed Talat Hussain (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Officials puzzle over millions of dollars leaving Afghanistan for Dubai (Washington Post)

Flag raised, Marja reaches tipping point (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Afghan government claims Taliban stronghold (Associated Press)
  • Also: Q&A with Afghan journalist in Marja (BBC News)
Taking it to the Taliban (Time)

U.S. gives Karzai cautious support on new election law (AFP)

South Korea endorses sending troops back to Afghanistan (Associated Press)
NATO admits deaths of eight boys was mistake (Times of London)
Dutch retreat (New York Times)
Just war in Afghanistan (Times of London)
Europe’s empty promises by Christopher Chivvis (Foreign Policy)


Other stories:
India forecasts 8.8% economic growth (Financial Times)
India work scheme puts pressure on food prices (Financial Times)

As India sells assets, political tensions rise (New York Times)
Indian Railways plans $9 billion upgrade (Wall Street Journal)
Saving holds key to women’s empowerment (BBC News)
Kashmir youth take pot shots at peace process (Guardian)

PakistanPulse 2-24-10

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Top stories:

Taliban capture raises hopes of Pakistan shift (Wall Street Journal)

  • Also: Taliban commander captured in Karachi (The News)
Hopes for India-Pakistan peace talks are modest (Washington Post)

  • Also: A history of ups and downs in Indo-Pak relations (Washington Post)
  • Also: India-Pakistan talks are only the first stepping stone (Reuters)
  • Also: India and Pakistan bring different agendas (BBC News)
  • Also: Pakistani foreign secretary in India for talks (AFP)

Other stories:

U.S. missiles kill four in North Waziristan (Associated Press)
  • Also: Drone hits militant compound (BBC News)

Taliban kill two alleged U.S. spies in North Waziristan (Associated Press)

Jamaat-ud-Dawa easily evades government ban (Associated Press)
Taliban rocket kills four civilians in Peshawar (BBC News)
For Pakistani women, dupattas are more than fashion statement (Los Angeles Times)
Hekmatyar announces a peace plan (Geo)
Welsh convert to Islam killed in Pakistan blast (Times of London)
Parliamentary body to appoint judges (Daily Times)
Malik meets with Afghan interior minister (Dawn)
Sindh minister dissolve province’s local governments (Dawn)
Attorney General not to support government on Swiss cases (Dawn)
At least 30,000 Pakistanis have died in terror war since 2003 (Dawn)
Petraeus hails “breakthroughs” in Pakistan (Daily Times)
Power rentals are only shortcut to overcoming energy crisis (Daily Times)
Rabbani committee drops constitutional court proposal (The News)


A solid partner by Michael O’Hanlon (The National Interest)

The Swat attack (Dawn)
Violence revisited in Mingora (Daily Times)
The game-changer by Zafar Hilaly (The News)

Other stories:

Karzai asserts control over Afghan election body (New York Times)

  • Also: Karzai criticized over poll watchdog move (Reuters)

A series of setbacks for the coalition in Afghanistan (Economist)

Afghan administrator arrives in Marja (Wall Street Journal)

Gates calls European mood a danger to peace (New York Times)

NATO promises to fill Afghan gap (Financial Times)

Denmark rallies public behind Afghan war (Wall Street Journal)

Death toll in Afghan war nears 1,000 (Washington Post)

Afghan rights body says 28 civilians killed in Marja (Associated Press)

U.S. bomb squad is on front lines in Afghanistan (Associated Press)

Petraeus comments on Taliban detentions (Washington Post)
U.S. Senate slams reckless contractor in Afghanistan (Wall Street Journal)
Forces in Afghanistan told to limit nighttime raids (CNN)


Karzai’s power grab (New York Times)

A Karzai lament (Wall Street Journal)
The long and short of NATO (Christian Science Monitor)
Netherlands lands a blow to Afghan coalition (Los Angeles Times)
No more night terrors by Erica Gaston (Foreign Policy)
Let Europe be Europe by Andrew Bacevich (Foreign Policy)
From Newry to Helmand, lessons are the same by Simon Jenkins (Guardian)


Other stories:

India rebuffs Maoist overture (Wall Street Journal)
Indian troops killed in Kashmir clash with militants (BBC News)
Gun battle kills six in Indian Kashmir (Associated Press)
Delhi’s budget bets on growth by Arvind Subramanian (Wall Street Journal)

PBS FRONTLINE airs “Behind Taliban Lines,” “The Lost Generation” tonight

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Tonight PBS airs “Behind Taliban Lines” and “The Lost Generation.”  Be a part of the discussion here.

This past fall, veteran Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi negotiated extraordinary access to a militant cell in northern Afghanistan with longtime ties to Al Qaeda and the Taliban. For 10 days, Quraishi would live among the hard-core fighters of Hezb-i-Islami’s “Central Group” as they attempt to bomb a highway that has become a vital new coalition supply route.
“I was thinking that I’m going to meet a group of Taliban,” Quraishi tells FRONTLINE. “I was thinking, this is the time which I came myself to enemy. I was thinking they might not let me go back.”
In Behind Taliban Lines, airing Tuesday, Feb. 23, at 9 P.M. ET on PBS (check local listings), FRONTLINE provides a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the growing insurgency in Afghanistan—a first-ever film among these militants as they travel from village to village, picking up support and weapons, imposing sharia law and collecting taxes as they open up a new battlefront in Afghanistan’s northern provinces.

Also in this hour: David Montero reports from Pakistan on the country’s troubled public school system, which is among the worst in the world despite years of U.S. aid. “Today there are 68.4 million children between the ages of 5 and 19 in this country,” says Mosharraf Zaidi, a longtime Pakistani school reformer. “Less than 30 million of those kids are in any type of school. … You look at the consequences of these kids not going to school. If you aren’t capable of participating in the global economy, you will be very, very poor. And desperate and extreme poverty has some diabolical consequences for societies and for individuals.”

FIA: Federal Investigative Agency or Fool/Funny I Am? Pakistan’s Most Wanted List

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Pakistan’s FIA (much like the FBI, but, as you’ll soon realize, surprisingly less literate) released this list of its 119 Most Wanted terrorist suspects of 2009.  The document includes pictures and descriptions of suspected Lashkar-e-Taiba financiers,  those involved with the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and other highly sought suspects, although the word “descriptions” is being used generously here.  They include depictions like the following:

  • “Beard: Light beard, to comb with paste”
  • “Complexion: Thin & Active”

  • “Mustaches: Small arrow style”

  • “Way of Talking: Civilized” Also “Slow”

And perhaps most baffling:

  • “Expletive: If you a re not a fool”

While this will likely give you a good laugh, it should also give you worry as to how effective the FIA must be.  Not everyone has to be a master of English, but this goes far beyong anything getting lost in translation.  Also check out Huma Imtiaz’s post on the matter.

PakistanPulse 2-23-10

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Top stories:

Pakistani authorities arrest member of Taliban inner circle (New York Times)

  • Also: Afghan Taliban commander arrested in Pakistan (Washington Post)
  • Also: Mullah Abdul Kabir arrested in northwest Pakistan (Los Angeles Times)
  • Also: Kabir is senior member of Quetta Shura (BBC News)

Pakistan’s finance minister Tarin to quit (Financial Times)

  • Also: Shaukat Tarin resigns from post (Dawn)

Other stories:

Colonel Imam, a profile (Times of London)

Old ties help spur new India-Pakistan talks (Wall Street Journal)

  • Also: India forces change in Pakistan delegation for talks (Dawn)

British woman was killed in Swat blast (The Independent)

Supreme Court returns government’s review appeal on NRO verdict (Dawn)

Government silent as 48-hour Supreme Court deadline expires (The News)

Government ready to face contempt on Swiss cases (The News)

Gilani promises report on constitutional reforms by March 23 (Dawn)

Petraeus discusses security with Kayani (Dawn)

NAB’s claim for share irks Supreme Court (Dawn)

Nawaz ready to keep good relations with government (Daily Times)

Zardari reiterates call for transfer of drone technology (Daily Times)

Karachi administrator is appointed (The News)

Capital gains tax imposed on stock markets (The News)


Man in the news: Mullah Baradar (Financial Times)

The Gilani-Sharif meeting (Dawn)

Constitutional courts by Sanaullah Baloch (Dawn)

Amending local government laws by Syed Mohammad Ali (Daily Times)

Our quasi-feudal political parties by Babar Ayaz (Daily Times)

Turning the tide of militancy by Maleeha Lodhi (The News)

What Zardari must do to survive by M. A. K. Lodhi (The News)

Wrongly targeting Pakistan by Ashfaque Khan (The News)

Other stories:

Blasts kill Afghan civilians in two provinces (New York Times)

Afghan official who will govern Marja makes first visit (Washington Post)

  • Also: U.S.-led troops make “steady progress” in Marja (BBC News)

U.S. special operations ordered deadly airstrike (Wall Street Journal)

NATO chief says support for Afghan mission still strong (Wall Street Journal)

NATO seeks more trainers for Afghan army, police (Associated Press)

U.S. death toll in Afghanistan hits 1,000 (Reuters)

Guilty plea in Zazi case in New York (Los Angeles Times)

  • Also: Zazi guilty plea a boon for Obama (Newsweek)
  • Also: Afghan-born Zazi admits to subway plot (BBC News)
  • Also: Zazi likely to face life imprisonment (Financial Times)

How Afghanistan sank the Dutch government (Time)

Karzai election commission power grab concerns West (BBC News)

Top UN official calls for high-level reconciliation talks (Telegraph)

Dutch crisis highlights war fatigue in Europe (Financial Times)


The conflict cannot be solved by military means by Kai Eide (Telegraph)

How war tests the allies by Richard Wolffe (Daily Beast)

Terrorists without borders (book review) by David Rhode (The New Republic)

Karzai has taken personal control of electoral process by Gerard Russell (Guardian)

Dutch departure saps Afghan effort (Financial Times)


Other stories:

India to step up security for Commonwealth Games (New York Times)

Green Revolution in India wilts as subsidies backfire (Wall Street Journal)

India seeks subsidy cuts to curb deficit (Financial Times)

Maoist rebels offer cease-fire, talks with India (Associated Press)

India may invite bids for 3G bandwidth this week (Wall Street Journal)


The government’s lackluster agriculture reform effort by Geeta Anand (Wall Street Journal)

Time to tackle India’s budget deficit by Eswar Prasad (Wall Street Journal)

PakistanPulse 2-22-10

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Other stories:
Nawaz Sharif calls for limit to presidential powers (Reuters)

Blast kills eight in Swat valley (Associated Press)
  • Also: Deadly blast hits Mingora (BBC News)
India, Pakistan to meet after year of living dangerously (Reuters)
Kidnapped Pakistani Sikh beheaded in Khyber (BBC News)
Hume reportedly tipped as next U.S. ambassador (Dawn)
Senate passes resolution on Siddiqui case (Dawn)
Sindh, Punjab agree on water distribution formula (Dawn)
Pakistan must curb terror, says Indian president (Dawn)
PPP, MQM resolve administrators issue (Daily Times)
Supreme Court resumes hearing on Bank of Punjab (Daily Times)
Newly promoted general to head seniority list (The News)
Defense budget likely to increase by Rs 130 billion (The News)
Pakistan, other Asian nations back India’s bid for UN seat (The News)
Pakistan’s complicated motives (Boston Globe)

Don’t look back by Steve Coll (The New Yorker)

Judicial coup in Pakistan by David Rivkin and Lee Casey (Wall Street Journal)
More than words (Dawn)
Governance reform (Dawn)
Party-based devolution by Zubair Bhatti (Dawn)
Kashmir: what next? by M. Ismail Khan (Dawn)
Stabilizing democracy by Anwar Syed (Dawn)
Arrests and negotiations (Daily Times)

Top stories:
NATO airstrike said to have killed Afghan civilians (New York Times)

Afghans voice their fears amid Marja campaign (New York Times)

Other stories:

Suicide attack kills warlord accused in bin Laden’s escape (New York Times)
  • Also: Blast kills tribal chief in Nangarhar (BBC News)
Kabul banker feeds crony capitalism in Afghanistan (Washington Post)

In Afghanistan, Sunday mass on a makeshift alter (Associated Press)

U.S. deaths will be tough to bear, says Petraeus (Los Angeles Times)
  • Also: Petraeus foresees heavy casualties in Afghan war (McClatchy)
Taliban just one of challenges faced by Afghan towns (Los Angeles Times)
Next big combat mission will target Kandahar (McClatchy)
Dutch confirm pullout, sparking fears of domino effect (Times of London)
Karzai takes control of Afghan election watchdog (Guardian)

Measuring success in Afghanistan by Fotini Christia (BBC News)
Kabul dispatch: Operation Moshtarak by Asma Nemati (Foreign Policy)
The Dutch dilemma in Afghanistan by Robert Fox (Guardian)
Traces of hope in Helmand by Thomas Harding (Telegraph)
Dutch courage (Times of London)

Other stories:
India stresses Commonwealth Games security (Wall Street Journal)
Indian company heads for cloud computer land (Financial Times)
India’s Maoists offer ceasefire (BBC News)

How to create magic in India’s schools by Mayank Maheshwari (Wall Street Journal)

PakistanPulse 2-21-10

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Top stories

Pakistani police arrest another Taliban leader: report (AFP) (The News)

Beheaded body of Sikh local found in Orakzai (Dawn)

Taliban kills 2 Sikhs, send heads to Pak Gurdwara (Times of India) (Hindu) (IBN) (Hindustan Times)

Other stories:

Government to implement Charter of Democracy, says PM (Dawn)

Gunmen attack Gilgit mosque, policeman hurt (Dawn)

Taliban arrest motives questioned (AJE)

2 injured by FC shooting in Islamabad (Dawn)

Taliban-Pak Army links deepening? (Times of India)

Militants attack NWFP minister’s mills in Kohat (Dawn)

PMLN tried to rig by-polls: Sheikh Rashid (Dawn)


Pakistan smart to hit Taliban by Eric Rosenbach (Boston Globe)

What’s happening in Pakistan? By K. Subrahmanyam (Hindu)

Official’s doublespeak by Huma Yousuf (Dawn)

View from the U.S.: An Affair to remember by Anjum Niaz (Dawn)

Editorial: Continuing Tension (Dawn)

Editorial: Judicial assertion (Daily Times)


Top stories:

Dutch exit could leave key Afghan area vulnerable (WP) (Guardian) (NYT)

Also: Crisis highlights war fatigue in Europe (FT) (BBC) (Reuters) (Press TV)

U.S. envoy: no plans to reopen Uzbek Afghan airbase (Reuters) (Press TV) (Xinua)

Also: Holbrooke sees Central Asian help for Afghanistan (WP)

Gen Petraeus says U.S. losses in Afghanistan to be ‘tough’ (Bloomberg) (AFP) (BBC)

(Fox) (CSM)

Hamid Karzai’s rival warns him not to cut deals with the Taliban (Telegraph) (Press TV)

As Marja assault progresses, coalition considers challenges in rebuilding area (WP)

Clearing Afghanistan province could take at least a month (WSJ)

Prize on the battlefields of Marja may be momentum (NYT)

Outgunned Taliban mounting tough fight in Marja (AP)

Q+A: NATO still faces resilient Taliban in Afghanistan assault (Reuters)

Other stories:

Afghans frustrated in bids to made Taliban-free towns (LAT)

Robots and bees to beat the Taliban (Times)

U.S. soldiers thoughts: wife, home, buddies, death (WP)

Baradar’s lips sealed, U.S. wants him shifted to Afghan prison (Times of India)

4 more NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan (ABC)


NATO’s future in Afghanistan (WSJ)


Top stories:

Outcome of talks depends on Indian response: FM (The News) (Hindustan Times)

‘Terrorism not the only focus in talks with Pakistan (Dawn)

Both sides of the debate: why talk to Pak, why not (IBN)

Other stories:

Defense firms vie to feed India’s arms appetite (AP)

Zain, Bharti to sign letter of intent soon (Reuters)


Policing thought, not controlling terror by Siddharth Varadarajan (Hindu)

Other stories:

PakistanPulse 02-20-10

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02-20-10 news summary


Top stories

U.S. drone attack in NWA, casualties feared (Geo)

Terrorists attack police stations in Mansehra, Balakot (Dawn) (LWJ)

Pakistan kills 30 militants in airstrike (Reuters) (BBC) (Forbes) (Dawn)

Kayani, Malik discuss judicial crisis in meeting (Dawn)

Also: President Zardari does not want conflict with judiciary’ (Dawn)

Also: Judges thwarted emergency like situation February 13: CJ (Dawn)

Missile kills militant’s brother in Pakistan (NYT) (FT) (WSJ) (Reuters) (Guardian) (AP)

Other stories

Mullah Baradar, a journey from Kandahar to Karachi (Daily Times)

Pakistan enhances military posts along Afghan border (Dawn)

When things go boom in the night, Pakistanis blame Blackwater (CSM)

Lahore fashion week takes on Talibanization in Pakistan (CSM)

Gilani urges west to expand trade with Pakistan (Daily Times)

CJ takes NAB to task over graft cases (Dawn)

CIA post in Karachi helped catch heavy guns of Taliban (Dawn)

Obama briefed on Pakistan-Afghan situation (Dawn)

World Bank, government in $300m dispute over PRSC prog (Dawn)

Pak crackdown on Taliban with eye on Af role? (Times of India)

Pentagon rejects conspiracy theories maligning Pakistan (Dawn)


Editorial: Give peace a chance (Dawn)

Editorial: Big game, easy pickings (Daily Times)

Secrets, spies and lies by Irfan Husain (Dawn)

Separation of powers by Sania Nishtar (The News)


Top Stories

Dutch troops to pull out of Afghanistan by the end of year after coalition falls (Telegraph)

Also: Dutch government collapses over Afghan mission (WP) (WSJ) (Guardian)

Afghan President renews peace calls to Taliban (Reuters)

Also: Afghanistan’s Abdullah Abdullah questions Taliban’s peace moves (Reuters)

Marines do heavy lifting as Afghan Army lags in battle (NYT)

In Marja, it’s war the old-fashioned way (WP)

Afghan push went beyond traditional military goals (NYT)

Other stories

Military launches Afghanistan intelligence-gathering mission (WP)

Afghans near Marjah urged to help keep Taliban out (LAT)

Drones are playing a growing role in Afghanistan (NYT)

Afghan police deployed in Helmand war zone (BBC)

Troops face pockets of resistance in Marjah (WSJ) (BBC) (LAT) (Times)

CIA’s influence wanes in Afghanistan war, say officials (ABC News)

12 in allied forces die in Afghanistan (NYT)

Possible successors to captured Taliban’s no. 2 (WP)


Just who is fighting in Marja? By C.J. Chivers (NYT At War Blog)

Afghan press weighs offensive one week on (BBC)


Top stories

Fresh round of violence erupts in Hyderbad (Hindustan Times) (Hindu)

German bakery failed to follow security guidelines, say police (Hindu) (Hindustan Times)

Also: India restaurant bombing toll rises to twelve (AFP)

Indian state removes book with Jesus holding beer (WP)

Other stories

Continue trade with Pakistan: Chidambaram (Hindustan Times)

U.S. keen to see India, Pak reach stable relationship (PTI) (Dawn) (The Nation)

U.S. mediating between Pak, India to resolve water issues (Daily Times)

DRDO to develop technologies to fight terrorists, insurgents (Hindu)



U.S. Warns of Al Qaeda threat in Central Asia (Reuters)

PakistanPulse 2-19-10

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02-19-10 news summary


Top stories

U.S. drone kills militant leader’s brother (WSJ) (NYT) (Reuters) (Guardian) (Dawn) (AP)

In blow to Taliban, 2 more senior leaders are arrested (NYT) (WP) (Reuters) (Dawn) (AP)

U.S.-Pakistan cooperation led to capture of Afghan Taliban insurgents (WP) (Guardian) (WSJ)

Also: Pakistan raid: Taliban chief an extra prize (NYT)

Pakistan’s push for new role in Afghanistan (BBC)

Pakistan arrests more Afghan Taliban: Why the about face? (CSM)

Pakistan will not hand Taliban suspects to U.S.: Malik (Dawn) (AP)

Other stories

Key Osama aid among 9 terrorists held in Karachi (Daily Times)

Four Mercy Corps employees kidnapped in Balochistan (Dawn)

PPP, MQM agree to appoint administrators in Sindh (Geo)

Holbrooke hails Pakistan, U.S. cooperation on Taliban (Reuters)

US Supports FATA roadbuilding in Pakistan (CentCom)

Roadside blast hits NATO supply vehicle in Khazdar (Dawn) (Daily Times)

Pakistan fears India could divert nuclear fuel (Dawn)

South Korean police arrest alleged Taliban (Dawn)

FC sets up relief camps for Mohmand people (Daily Times)

CJ dismayed on NAB’s delay in reopening Swiss cases (Geo)

PM Gilani denies deal with Judiciary (Geo)


The long arm of LeT by Stephen Tankel (Washington Institute)

The Pakistani General who could save or doom Afghanistan by Max Fisher (Atlantic)

Editorial: Two years on (Dawn)

Politics of terrorism by Kuldip Nayar (Dawn)

What Ignatius really tells us about Pakistan by Patrick Berry (Democracy Arsenal?)

Another week another clash by Cyril Almeida (Dawn)

Three huge ways Pakistan still isn’t cooperating by David Kenner (FP)


Top Stories

Troops face pockets of resistance in Marjah (WSJ) (BBC) (LAT) (Times)

Four NATO troops killed on sixth day of Marjah offensive in Afghanistan (WP) (AJE) (Geo)

Concerns over Afghan civilians slows NATO advance (Reuters)

Other stories

U.S. compensates Afghans for death, damage (WP)

U.S. Envoy in Uzbekistan for Afghan talks (AFP)

Dutch Parliament debates Afghanistan (WSJ) (Irish Times)

In Afghanistan, Marines handling detainees by the book (LAT)

Also: U.S. reviewing Afghanistan detainee policy (CNN)


The Taliban and Reconciliation by Zalmay Khalilzad (NYT)

Success in Marjah will hinge on civilian surge by Timothy Hsia (NYT Blog)

Afghan push, hype or history in the making? By Jean MacKenzie and Mohammad Ilyas Dayee (WP)


Top stories

India to raise 26/11 probe status with Pakistan: Chidambaram (Times of India) (Dawn)

No U.S. pressure to hold talks with Pakistan: Tharoor (ThaiIndian)

India security focus would limit talks: Pakistan (Reuters) (Daily Times)

Composite Dialogue to improve Pakistan-India ties: Bashir (Reuters)

Faceless face of the Maoists (Hindustan Times)

Other stories

Everybody knows about 42 terrorist camps in Pakistan: Antony (Hindustan Times)

India budget may roll back tax breaks (WSJ)

India scrutinizes U.S. firm for Pakistan ties (WSJ)

Shyam Saran to quit as PM’s special envoy (Hindustan Times)


Editorial: India’s flawed fight against the Maoists (Hindu)

Does India want drug innovation or not? By Ronald A. Cass (WSJ)


Senate panel announces big hearing on Blackwater’s Afghanistan contract (WI)

Deadhead Jihad (Newsweek)