1-31-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on January 31, 2010 at 10:16 am


Other stories:

Pakistani Taliban leader is reported dead (New York Times)

  • Also: Pakistan investigating report that Mehsud was killed (Associated Press)
  • Also: Pakistani Taliban deny that Mehsud is dead (Reuters)
  • Also: Pakistani state television reports that Mehsud died of wounds (Washington Post)
  • Also: Army and intelligence services are investigating (Los Angeles Times)

Indian goods taken to NATO troops via Pakistan (Dawn)

Troops gain control of key area in Bajaur (Dawn)

Bomb kills two soldiers in Mohmand (Dawn)

Zardari fighting for political survival (Dawn)

Balochistan inspector general blames political parties for violence (Dawn)

Petrol price is increased (Daily Times)

Peaceful election in Swat revives confidence (The News)

Government will report to parliament on alarming debt (The News)


Death by drone? by Imtiaz Gul (Foreign Policy)

Wasted aid (Dawn)

Aid to nowhere (The News)

Past mistakes (Daily Times)

Talks with the Taliban by Huma Yusuf (Dawn)

Is the government going somewhere or nowhere? by Ardeshir Cowasjee (Dawn)


Other stories:

A look at America’s new hope: the Afghan tribes (New York Times)

U.S. military experiments with empowering Afghan businesswomen (New York Times)

Karzai appeals to Taliban to lay down guns (Associated Press)

Marine assault vehicles key to Afghan strategy (Los Angeles Times)

Taliban ready to go on fighting (Guardian)


New path forward for Afghanistan (Financial Times)

Afghanistan’s corruption poses dilemma for military by Joshua Partlow (Washington Post)


Other stories:

Alarm at Mumbai’s teen suicide trend (BBC News)


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