1-29-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on January 29, 2010 at 5:17 pm


Other stories:

Audit says U.S. aid program is failing in northwest Pakistan (Associated Press)

  • Also: FATA assistance program deemed a failure (Foreign Policy)
  • Also: Program was aimed at strengthening governance (Dawn)

Thirty militants killed in clashes near Afghan border (Associated Press)

Dodging bombs for a good book in Pakistan (Christian Science Monitor)

Taliban leadership council directs war from Pakistan (Guardian)

Haqqani says Pakistan should have drone technology (Dawn)

Rift among Bajaur Taliban widens (Dawn)

Zardari signs bill on women’s workplace harassment (Dawn)

Gilani insists president enjoys immunity (Dawn)

FC withdraws as Quetta police resume duty (Daily Times)

Assembly passes National Command Authority bill (Daily Times)


Pakistan the oppressor by Peter Tatchell (Guardian)

The Afghanistan problem by Ayesha SIddiqa (Dawn)

The Afghan conundrum by Zafar Hilaly (Daily Times)

The unkindest budget cut (Dawn)

In favor of continuity (Daily Times)

Tough on the peace lobby by Kuldip Nayar (Dawn)


USAID Inspector General report on FATA capacity building program (Attached)


Other stories:

War plan for Karzai: reach out to Taliban (New York Times)

  • Also: Karzai plans meeting on reintegration and reconciliation (Washington Post)
  • Also: Plan for Taliban talks gathers pace (BBC News)
  • Also: Karzai calls meeting, but will Taliban talk? (BBC News)
  • Also: U.S. cool to Karzai pitch to engage Taliban leaders (Los Angeles Times)
  • Also: Clinton backs effort to lure Taliban (ABC News)

UN official met with Taliban earlier this month (Wall Street Journal)

Taliban say no decision yet on Karzai offer of talks (Reuters)

UK defence secretary says talking to enemy will be hard on troops (Guardian)

London talks plot handover to Afghan forces (Wall Street Journal)

London summit glosses over the cracks (Time)

Killing of cleric prompts outrage in Kabul (Washington Post)

Afghan troops battle militants in south (Associated Press)

Progress slow and messy in Helmand (BBC News)


The West wavers between enemy and exit by Philip Stephens (Financial Times)

Clear views from the Afghan summit by Simon Tisdall (Guardian)

Why buy the Taliban? by Massoumeh Torfeh (Guardian)

Brown’s talks are irrelevant to Afghanistan by Nushin Arbabzadah (Guardian)

Does the West have the will to carry on in Afghanistan? by Con Coughlin (Telegraph)


Other stories:

Female bankers in India earn chances to rule (New York Times)

Rebel attack kills two Indian soldiers in Kashmir (Associated Press)

Fighting corruption in India (Economist)

India attempts to curb inflation (BBC News)

India develops fighter jet with Russia (BBC News)


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