1-23-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on January 23, 2010 at 8:30 am


Other stories:

CIA deaths prompt surge in U.S. drone strikes (New York Times)

Gates confronts Pakistani reports of U.S.  plots (Wall Street Journal)

29 killed in clashes, suicide attack near Afghan border (Associated Press)

Pakistan reaches out to Afghan Taliban for reconciliation (Reuters)

Why Pakistan won’t launch new attacks on militants (BBC News)

Gates defends arms sales to Pakistan, India (Los Angeles Times)

Supreme Court investigates extrajudicial detention (Christian Science Monitor)

Law ministry ordered to implement NRO verdict (Dawn)

NATO fuel truck attacked outside Peshawar (Dawn)

Pakistan tops UK’s foreign policy priorities (Dawn)

Gates says Indian attack remarks were misunderstood (Dawn)

Gates strives to build trust with Pakistan military (Daily Times)

Pakistan rules out fissile material talks, for now (Daily Times)

Malik could be first to face axe over corruption (The News)


Pakistan hesitates, again (New York Times)

Politics, Karachi style by Arif Rafiq (Foreign Policy)

Gates’s visit (Dawn)

Dialogue with Gates (The News)

Empowering women (Daily Times)

What the Taliban want by Irfan Husain (Dawn)

Countering terror by Salman Tarik Kureshi (Daily Times)


Other stories:

U.S. delays setting up more anti-Taliban militias (New York Times)

To Gates, Taliban is a cancer but part of political fabric (Washington Post)

NATO forces in race to secure Kandahar (Associated Press)

Karzai bans Taliban bomb ingredient (Wall Street Journal)

Dog surge along with troop surge in Afghanistan (Associated Press)

Two U.S. troops killed by roadside bomb in south (Associated Press)

Turkey kicks off international meetings on Afghanistan (Reuters)

Taliban intensifies Afghan public relations campaign (BBC News)

Karzai plans to introduce Taliban peace scheme (BBC News)

Can Karzai persuade Taliban fighters to stand down? (Time)

Who will lead the UN in Afghanistan? (Foreign Policy)

Comradeship is key to survival for British Army in Helmand (Times of London)


A deal with the Taliban? by Ahmed Rashid (New York Review of Books)

If we want to win wars, change the MOD by Paddy Ashdown (Times of London)


Other stories:

India, on alert, sees terrorism threats (Wall Street Journal)

India security increased after airport alert (Times of London)


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