1-22-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on January 22, 2010 at 11:56 am


Other stories:

U.S. offers Pakistan drones to urge cooperation (New York Times)

Gates stresses common cause with Pakistan (Associated Press)

Pakistani gunships attack car in North Waziristan (Associated Press)

Drone reportedly killed Filipino in Pakistan (New York Times)

Pakistanis angered by cricket snub (Wall Street Journal)

How Gates, Mullen are building military ties with Pakistan (Christian Science Monitor)

Human Rights Watch report critical of Pakistan military (The Independent)

France seeks information on Zardari embezzlement allegations (Dawn)

Gilani says no guarantee against Mumbai repeat (Dawn)

NAB orders seizure of Zardari’s assets in Islamabad (The News)

Government enhances security for A.Q. Khan, other scientists (The News)


The Pakistan-U.S. trust deficit by Daniel Dombey (Financial Times)

U.S.-Pakistan mutual failure (Dawn)

An illiterate nation (Dawn)

The spoiler’s game (Daily Times)

They’ve got Zardari, then they don’t by Cyril Almeida (Dawn)

Responsibility and authority by Masooda Bano (The News)


Other stories:

Loyalties of those killed in Afghan raid remain unclear (New York Times)

Eikenberry puts brakes on plan to utilize local militias (Washington Post)

Afghan propaganda war spins Kabul attack (Wall Street Journal)

Hekmatyar outlines Afghan peace plan (Wall Street Journal)

Afghanistan bans chemical used to make bombs (Associated Press)

Gates says Taliban must take legitimate Afghan role (Associated Press)

NATO to tighten rules on raiding private homes (Associated Press)

British hospital in Helmand hunkers down to treat soldiers, Afghans (Christian Science Monitor)

New U.S. strategy to reintegrate Taliban (Dawn)


Testimony of David Miliband, “Civilian strategy for Afghanistan” (Senate Foreign Relations Committee)

Testimony of Richard Holbrooke, “Civilian strategy for Afghanistan” (Senate Foreign Relations Committee)

Policy papers:

Afghanistan and Pakistan Regional Stabilization Strategy (State Department)


Other stories:

India issues terror alert over hijack plot (Associated Press)

India seeks $5 billion for road projects (Wall Street Journal)

India warned of sustained food price rises (Financial Times)

Menon appointed new National Security Adviser (Daily Times)


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