1-20-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on January 20, 2010 at 11:17 am
New wave of warlords bedevils U.S. (Wall Street Journal)
Quetta fears U.S. crackdown on Taliban (Financial Times)
Drone strike kills five in North Waziristan (Associated Press)
Bomb wounds provincial lawmaker in Peshawar (Associated Press)
Pakistani scientist on trial in New York is removed from courtroom (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Pakistani woman denies shooting U.S. soldiers (BBC News)
Gates to lead large delegation to Pakistan after India visit (Dawn)
Holbrooke says TTP video indicates cross-border links (Dawn)
Pasha says Afghan soil being used for terrorism in Pakistan (Dawn)
Power tariff increased by 35% since October (Dawn)
Gilani says inflation and price hike are government priorities (Dawn)
50 percent of medicines in Pakistan are substandard, says Malik (Daily Times)
Troops kill 21 Taliban in Swat, FATA (Daily Times)
Supreme Court’s detailed NRO judgment reopens corruption cases (The News)
Malik pledges to find alternative location for U.S. trainers (The News)
The Kabul attack (Dawn)
Investigating crime (Dawn)
A regional conflict in the making? (Daily Times)
Other stories:
After Kabul attack, Afghans see conspiracies (New York Times)
Assault in Kabul leaves residents angry and fearful (Washington Post)
The Taliban’s grim message from Kabul (BBC News)
U.S. aid workers find few trained Afghan partners (Washington Post)
Gates says reconciliation efforts are critical (Wall Street Journal)
Panel sets goal of 400,000 Afghan forces in five years (Associated Press)
Taliban shows tactical skill, military limits (Reuters)
Afghan interpreter pays a personal price (Los Angeles Times)
Gap grows between U.S. efforts and Afghan expectations (Christian Science Monitor)
The limits of winning hearts and minds (Time)
Deadly landmines endanger Afghans (The Independent)
It was less corrupt under the Taliban, say Afghans (The Independent)
Bangladesh aid group’s quiet Afghan success (Dawn)
In eastern province, a preview of the surge strategy (McClatchy)
10,000 Marines are positioned for assault on Marjah (AFP)
MRAPs cut death rate from IEDs in Afghanistan (McClatchy)
Afghanistan needs a surge of diplomacy by Karl Inderfurth & Chinmaya Gharekhan (International Herald Tribune)
Afghanistan Post-Election Survey (International Republican Institute)
Gates, in India, warns of interlocking terror networks (New York Times)
Gates assures PM Singh that U.S. won’t precipitously leave Afghanistan (New York Times)

Indian innovators target nation’s high demand (Financial Times)
India state protests turn violent (BBC News)


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