In Press Roundup on January 12, 2010 at 11:25 am
Pakistan is seen becoming more Islamist, anti-U.S. (Reuters)
In Karachi, politics means urban warfare (Los Angeles Times)
  • Also: Political violence sparks protests in Karachi (AFP)
  • Also: Pre-dawn raids spark massive protests (Dawn)
Report shows militant strikes in Pakistan rose 45% in 2009 (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Also: Pakistan suffers record number of deaths due to violence (Guardian)
  • Also: Pakistan’s worst year of terrorist violence (Telegraph)
  • Also: 87 suicide bombings recorded in 2009 (McClatchy)
Orakzai sealed ahead of operation (Dawn)
Taliban commander killed in drone strike (The News)
  • Also: Jordanian militant’s death confirmed by brother (Dawn)
Pakistani fishermen face numerous challenges (BBC News)
PML-N demands regulations on security agencies (Dawn)
Seven injured in Peshawar factory explosion (Dawn)
Taliban bombs sap Pakistan party spirit (Dawn)
Dubai talks on Afghanistan-Pakistan today (Daily Times)
UK is ready to mediate on Kashmir (Daily Times)
Malik, Miliband discuss visa process (Daily Times)
Senate demands judicial probe into Karachi carnage (The News)
Pakistan expects $1.8 billion from Friends group (The News)
Unparliamentary (Dawn)
Debt problems (Dawn)
Conflict in Karachi (Daily Times)
Quadrilateral ties by Shahid Javed Burki (Dawn)
Pakistan Security Report 2009 (Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies) (attached)
War’s fury no longer pauses for Afghan winter (New York Times)
Drone strikes kill 16 in Afghanistan (New York Times)
Six are killed in Quran protests (Associated Press)
U.S. investigating 38 cases of reconstruction abuse in Afghanistan (Associated Press)
Karzai readies alternates if cabinet picks are snubbed (Reuters)
Three Americans among six killed in western Afghanistan (Washington Post)
CNN interview with Gen. Petraeus (CNN)
Afghans allow legal challenges at Bagram jail (AFP)
Afghans react to optimistic BBC poll (BBC News)
  • Also: Poll shows optimism about future (Guardian)
McChrystal says surge is working (Telegraph)
Intelligence fiasco in Afghanistan (Financial Times)
A first look at Karzai’s second choices by Thomas Ruttig (Foreign Policy)
Exhausted soldiers, the price we pay by Con Coughlin (Telegraph)
Don’t blame Sir Jock Stirrup for Afghanistan failings (Telegraph)
India, a nation develops (Financial Times)
Gold loans gain popularity in India as prices soar (Washington Post)
Indian soldier killed in Kashmir (BBC News)
Bangladesh and India sign accords (BBC News)
India’s new BJP leader (BBC News)
Avoiding another great game by Ashok Mehta (Wall Street Journal)
India’s sad corporate farce by Mike Marqusee (Guardian)

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