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1-31-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on January 31, 2010 at 10:16 am


Other stories:

Pakistani Taliban leader is reported dead (New York Times)

  • Also: Pakistan investigating report that Mehsud was killed (Associated Press)
  • Also: Pakistani Taliban deny that Mehsud is dead (Reuters)
  • Also: Pakistani state television reports that Mehsud died of wounds (Washington Post)
  • Also: Army and intelligence services are investigating (Los Angeles Times)

Indian goods taken to NATO troops via Pakistan (Dawn)

Troops gain control of key area in Bajaur (Dawn)

Bomb kills two soldiers in Mohmand (Dawn)

Zardari fighting for political survival (Dawn)

Balochistan inspector general blames political parties for violence (Dawn)

Petrol price is increased (Daily Times)

Peaceful election in Swat revives confidence (The News)

Government will report to parliament on alarming debt (The News)


Death by drone? by Imtiaz Gul (Foreign Policy)

Wasted aid (Dawn)

Aid to nowhere (The News)

Past mistakes (Daily Times)

Talks with the Taliban by Huma Yusuf (Dawn)

Is the government going somewhere or nowhere? by Ardeshir Cowasjee (Dawn)


Other stories:

A look at America’s new hope: the Afghan tribes (New York Times)

U.S. military experiments with empowering Afghan businesswomen (New York Times)

Karzai appeals to Taliban to lay down guns (Associated Press)

Marine assault vehicles key to Afghan strategy (Los Angeles Times)

Taliban ready to go on fighting (Guardian)


New path forward for Afghanistan (Financial Times)

Afghanistan’s corruption poses dilemma for military by Joshua Partlow (Washington Post)


Other stories:

Alarm at Mumbai’s teen suicide trend (BBC News)


1-29-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on January 29, 2010 at 5:17 pm


Other stories:

Audit says U.S. aid program is failing in northwest Pakistan (Associated Press)

  • Also: FATA assistance program deemed a failure (Foreign Policy)
  • Also: Program was aimed at strengthening governance (Dawn)

Thirty militants killed in clashes near Afghan border (Associated Press)

Dodging bombs for a good book in Pakistan (Christian Science Monitor)

Taliban leadership council directs war from Pakistan (Guardian)

Haqqani says Pakistan should have drone technology (Dawn)

Rift among Bajaur Taliban widens (Dawn)

Zardari signs bill on women’s workplace harassment (Dawn)

Gilani insists president enjoys immunity (Dawn)

FC withdraws as Quetta police resume duty (Daily Times)

Assembly passes National Command Authority bill (Daily Times)


Pakistan the oppressor by Peter Tatchell (Guardian)

The Afghanistan problem by Ayesha SIddiqa (Dawn)

The Afghan conundrum by Zafar Hilaly (Daily Times)

The unkindest budget cut (Dawn)

In favor of continuity (Daily Times)

Tough on the peace lobby by Kuldip Nayar (Dawn)


USAID Inspector General report on FATA capacity building program (Attached)


Other stories:

War plan for Karzai: reach out to Taliban (New York Times)

  • Also: Karzai plans meeting on reintegration and reconciliation (Washington Post)
  • Also: Plan for Taliban talks gathers pace (BBC News)
  • Also: Karzai calls meeting, but will Taliban talk? (BBC News)
  • Also: U.S. cool to Karzai pitch to engage Taliban leaders (Los Angeles Times)
  • Also: Clinton backs effort to lure Taliban (ABC News)

UN official met with Taliban earlier this month (Wall Street Journal)

Taliban say no decision yet on Karzai offer of talks (Reuters)

UK defence secretary says talking to enemy will be hard on troops (Guardian)

London talks plot handover to Afghan forces (Wall Street Journal)

London summit glosses over the cracks (Time)

Killing of cleric prompts outrage in Kabul (Washington Post)

Afghan troops battle militants in south (Associated Press)

Progress slow and messy in Helmand (BBC News)


The West wavers between enemy and exit by Philip Stephens (Financial Times)

Clear views from the Afghan summit by Simon Tisdall (Guardian)

Why buy the Taliban? by Massoumeh Torfeh (Guardian)

Brown’s talks are irrelevant to Afghanistan by Nushin Arbabzadah (Guardian)

Does the West have the will to carry on in Afghanistan? by Con Coughlin (Telegraph)


Other stories:

Female bankers in India earn chances to rule (New York Times)

Rebel attack kills two Indian soldiers in Kashmir (Associated Press)

Fighting corruption in India (Economist)

India attempts to curb inflation (BBC News)

India develops fighter jet with Russia (BBC News)

1-28-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on January 28, 2010 at 8:14 am
Pakistan seeks role as mediator in Taliban peace talks (Washington Post)
Pakistan sees Afghan Taliban role in government (BBC News)
NATO convoy is hit in Karachi (New York Times)
Philippines doubts militant was killed in Pakistan (Associated Press)
Swat valley holds election (BBC News)
Gilani says India and Pakistan cannot be held hostage to Mumbai (Dawn)
Over 30 percent increase in budget for security (Dawn)
North Waziristan elders warned against sheltering Taliban (Daily Times)
National Assembly adopts Anti-Money Laundering Bill (Daily Times)
Kayani asks NATO to understand Pakistani perspective (The News)
Military partnerships may be our best path to peace by David Ignatius (Washington Post)
The scariest terror plot by Bruce Riedel & Aysha Chowdhry (Daily Beast)
Sound advice (Dawn)
Deferred strike (Daily Times)
Weaving peace (The News)
A growing U.S.-Pak gulf by Tariq Fatemi (Dawn)
Cold and blinkered in London by Syed Talat Hussain (Daily Times)

The paradoxes of al Qaeda by Steve Coll (House Armed Services Committee)
Afghan tribe to fight Taliban in return for U.S. aid (New York Times)
Karzai says it will take years to train Afghan forces (New York Times)
  • Also: Karzai expects foreign troops to stay for up to a decade (Associated Press)
Karzai government invites Taliban to peace meeting (Reuters)
Karzai faces pressure on Taliban strategy (Financial Times)
Taliban soldiers to be offered trust fund (Financial Times)
Brown says coalition forces are turning the tide (Guardian)
  • Also: Brown promises start of handover by end of year (Telegraph)
NATO troops kill Afghan cleric, officials say (Associated Press)
Afghan aid risks “militarization” (BBC News)
U.S. troops do battle with flaky contractors (Christian Science Monitor)
Good counterinsurgency, like good politics, is local (Christian Science Monitor)
We will stay until Afghanistan is secure by Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Times of London)
To win the war, empower the Afghan economy by Zalmay Khalilzad (Financial Times)
A loss of faith in Afghanistan by Erik Malmstrom (New York Times)
Conference avoids crux of Afghan conflict by Matthew Green (Financial Times)
New highway stirs changes in Indian villages (Washington Post)
Headley denies Mumbai plot charge (BBC News)
India vs. China: whose economy is better? (Time)

1-23-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on January 23, 2010 at 8:30 am


Other stories:

CIA deaths prompt surge in U.S. drone strikes (New York Times)

Gates confronts Pakistani reports of U.S.  plots (Wall Street Journal)

29 killed in clashes, suicide attack near Afghan border (Associated Press)

Pakistan reaches out to Afghan Taliban for reconciliation (Reuters)

Why Pakistan won’t launch new attacks on militants (BBC News)

Gates defends arms sales to Pakistan, India (Los Angeles Times)

Supreme Court investigates extrajudicial detention (Christian Science Monitor)

Law ministry ordered to implement NRO verdict (Dawn)

NATO fuel truck attacked outside Peshawar (Dawn)

Pakistan tops UK’s foreign policy priorities (Dawn)

Gates says Indian attack remarks were misunderstood (Dawn)

Gates strives to build trust with Pakistan military (Daily Times)

Pakistan rules out fissile material talks, for now (Daily Times)

Malik could be first to face axe over corruption (The News)


Pakistan hesitates, again (New York Times)

Politics, Karachi style by Arif Rafiq (Foreign Policy)

Gates’s visit (Dawn)

Dialogue with Gates (The News)

Empowering women (Daily Times)

What the Taliban want by Irfan Husain (Dawn)

Countering terror by Salman Tarik Kureshi (Daily Times)


Other stories:

U.S. delays setting up more anti-Taliban militias (New York Times)

To Gates, Taliban is a cancer but part of political fabric (Washington Post)

NATO forces in race to secure Kandahar (Associated Press)

Karzai bans Taliban bomb ingredient (Wall Street Journal)

Dog surge along with troop surge in Afghanistan (Associated Press)

Two U.S. troops killed by roadside bomb in south (Associated Press)

Turkey kicks off international meetings on Afghanistan (Reuters)

Taliban intensifies Afghan public relations campaign (BBC News)

Karzai plans to introduce Taliban peace scheme (BBC News)

Can Karzai persuade Taliban fighters to stand down? (Time)

Who will lead the UN in Afghanistan? (Foreign Policy)

Comradeship is key to survival for British Army in Helmand (Times of London)


A deal with the Taliban? by Ahmed Rashid (New York Review of Books)

If we want to win wars, change the MOD by Paddy Ashdown (Times of London)


Other stories:

India, on alert, sees terrorism threats (Wall Street Journal)

India security increased after airport alert (Times of London)

1-22-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on January 22, 2010 at 11:56 am


Other stories:

U.S. offers Pakistan drones to urge cooperation (New York Times)

Gates stresses common cause with Pakistan (Associated Press)

Pakistani gunships attack car in North Waziristan (Associated Press)

Drone reportedly killed Filipino in Pakistan (New York Times)

Pakistanis angered by cricket snub (Wall Street Journal)

How Gates, Mullen are building military ties with Pakistan (Christian Science Monitor)

Human Rights Watch report critical of Pakistan military (The Independent)

France seeks information on Zardari embezzlement allegations (Dawn)

Gilani says no guarantee against Mumbai repeat (Dawn)

NAB orders seizure of Zardari’s assets in Islamabad (The News)

Government enhances security for A.Q. Khan, other scientists (The News)


The Pakistan-U.S. trust deficit by Daniel Dombey (Financial Times)

U.S.-Pakistan mutual failure (Dawn)

An illiterate nation (Dawn)

The spoiler’s game (Daily Times)

They’ve got Zardari, then they don’t by Cyril Almeida (Dawn)

Responsibility and authority by Masooda Bano (The News)


Other stories:

Loyalties of those killed in Afghan raid remain unclear (New York Times)

Eikenberry puts brakes on plan to utilize local militias (Washington Post)

Afghan propaganda war spins Kabul attack (Wall Street Journal)

Hekmatyar outlines Afghan peace plan (Wall Street Journal)

Afghanistan bans chemical used to make bombs (Associated Press)

Gates says Taliban must take legitimate Afghan role (Associated Press)

NATO to tighten rules on raiding private homes (Associated Press)

British hospital in Helmand hunkers down to treat soldiers, Afghans (Christian Science Monitor)

New U.S. strategy to reintegrate Taliban (Dawn)


Testimony of David Miliband, “Civilian strategy for Afghanistan” (Senate Foreign Relations Committee)

Testimony of Richard Holbrooke, “Civilian strategy for Afghanistan” (Senate Foreign Relations Committee)

Policy papers:

Afghanistan and Pakistan Regional Stabilization Strategy (State Department)


Other stories:

India issues terror alert over hijack plot (Associated Press)

India seeks $5 billion for road projects (Wall Street Journal)

India warned of sustained food price rises (Financial Times)

Menon appointed new National Security Adviser (Daily Times)

1-21-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on January 21, 2010 at 10:40 am
Top stories:
Gates, in Pakistan, seeks action against Afghan Taliban (Reuters)
Other stories:
Pakistan resists U.S. call to root out militants (New York Times)
Zardari reemerges, but effect on Pakistan is unclear (New York Times)
Pakistan army says no new offensive for 6-12 months (Associated Press)
  • Also: Pakistan snubs U.S. over Taliban offensive (BBC News)
UK counter-terror spending ambitions in Pakistan are cut (BBC News)
Pakistan sets security deal with tribesmen in South Waziristan (Bloomberg)
Securing South Waziristan could take a year, says army (Dawn)
Mehsud tribes agree to hand over Hakimullah (Daily Times)
  • Also: Mehsud jirga will hand over most wanted (The Nation)
Three killed, 20 hurt in Bajaur blast (AFP)
Missile killed Filipino militant in Pakistan (Associated Press)
Kayani says intelligence sharing with U.S. will increase (Dawn)
Presidency braces itself for legal battle (Dawn)
Gilani says military is not only solution to terror (The News)

Our commitment to Pakistan by Robert Gates (The News)
The civil society movement by Niilofur Farrukh (Dawn)
An elusive Balochistan package (Daily Times)
Engaging with the U.S. by Syed Talat Hussain (Daily Times)
Taliban overhaul image to win allies (New York Times)
U.S. envisions lasting civilian presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan (New York Times)
Afghans say civilians were killed in raid (Associated Press)
NATO planning to establish civilian boss in Afghanistan (Associated Press)
Marine unit headed for Afghanistan rerouted to Haiti (Christian Science Monitor)
Obama team drops the term “AfPak” (Foreign Policy)
Taliban leaders to be offered asylum under London peace plan (Telegraph)
Allies hatch plan to lure away Taliban fighters (Financial Times)
Mumbai’s skywalks give people a lift (Wall Street Journal)
U.S. warns of threat over Mumbai-type attacks (Financial Times)
Indian market holds multi-nationals at bay (Financial Times)
Kashmir lifts pre-paid phone ban (BBC News)
India’s literary lights (Daily Beast)

1-20-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on January 20, 2010 at 11:17 am
New wave of warlords bedevils U.S. (Wall Street Journal)
Quetta fears U.S. crackdown on Taliban (Financial Times)
Drone strike kills five in North Waziristan (Associated Press)
Bomb wounds provincial lawmaker in Peshawar (Associated Press)
Pakistani scientist on trial in New York is removed from courtroom (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Pakistani woman denies shooting U.S. soldiers (BBC News)
Gates to lead large delegation to Pakistan after India visit (Dawn)
Holbrooke says TTP video indicates cross-border links (Dawn)
Pasha says Afghan soil being used for terrorism in Pakistan (Dawn)
Power tariff increased by 35% since October (Dawn)
Gilani says inflation and price hike are government priorities (Dawn)
50 percent of medicines in Pakistan are substandard, says Malik (Daily Times)
Troops kill 21 Taliban in Swat, FATA (Daily Times)
Supreme Court’s detailed NRO judgment reopens corruption cases (The News)
Malik pledges to find alternative location for U.S. trainers (The News)
The Kabul attack (Dawn)
Investigating crime (Dawn)
A regional conflict in the making? (Daily Times)
Other stories:
After Kabul attack, Afghans see conspiracies (New York Times)
Assault in Kabul leaves residents angry and fearful (Washington Post)
The Taliban’s grim message from Kabul (BBC News)
U.S. aid workers find few trained Afghan partners (Washington Post)
Gates says reconciliation efforts are critical (Wall Street Journal)
Panel sets goal of 400,000 Afghan forces in five years (Associated Press)
Taliban shows tactical skill, military limits (Reuters)
Afghan interpreter pays a personal price (Los Angeles Times)
Gap grows between U.S. efforts and Afghan expectations (Christian Science Monitor)
The limits of winning hearts and minds (Time)
Deadly landmines endanger Afghans (The Independent)
It was less corrupt under the Taliban, say Afghans (The Independent)
Bangladesh aid group’s quiet Afghan success (Dawn)
In eastern province, a preview of the surge strategy (McClatchy)
10,000 Marines are positioned for assault on Marjah (AFP)
MRAPs cut death rate from IEDs in Afghanistan (McClatchy)
Afghanistan needs a surge of diplomacy by Karl Inderfurth & Chinmaya Gharekhan (International Herald Tribune)
Afghanistan Post-Election Survey (International Republican Institute)
Gates, in India, warns of interlocking terror networks (New York Times)
Gates assures PM Singh that U.S. won’t precipitously leave Afghanistan (New York Times)

Indian innovators target nation’s high demand (Financial Times)
India state protests turn violent (BBC News)

1-15-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on January 15, 2010 at 9:50 am
Other stories:
U.S. drone strike may have killed Hakimullah Mehsud (Washington Post)
Pakistan Taliban chief appears to emerge after strike (Associated Press)
U.S. charges Pakistani in Danish newspaper plot (Reuters)
  • Also: Ilyas Kashmiri charged in Danish plot (Dawn)
Zardari says U.S. war on militancy hits Pakistani economy (Reuters)

U.S. backed broadcast in Pakistan tribal areas begins (Associated Press)
Signs of solidarity between Pakistani and Afghan Taliban (Economist)
Lack of coordination delaying Kerry-Lugar funds (Dawn)
Presidential powers slashed, PM to appoint army chief (Dawn)
Malik says plan to attack parliament was foiled (Dawn)
Holbrooke says U.S. ready to review screening policy (Dawn)
Diplomats now need permission to move beyond prescribed limits (Daily Times)
JuD declares suicide bombings un-Islamic (The News)
For Pakistan, no turning back from reform by Asif Ali Zardari (Washington Post)
The India-Pakistan dispute is only getting more dangerous by Ian Bremmer & David Gordon (Foreign Policy)
The Taliban (Dawn)
Privatization is not the answer (Dawn)
Holbrooke accosted (Daily Times)
The president in Punjab (The News)

Green shoots of democracy by Cyril Almeida (Dawn)
Other stories:
UK conference to focus on Afghan priorities (Wall Street Journal)
UK plans “trust fund” to woo Taliban fighters (Guardian)

Japan ends naval support for Afghan war (New York Times)
Afghanistan’s learning curve (Time)
Five civilians wounded as NATO, Afghan troops open fire on crowd (Reuters)
Bomber kills 20 civilians in market in south (Wall Street Journal)
Roadside bomb kills five family members in south (Associated Press)
CIA attack reveals threat to Obama’s Afghanistan plan (McClatchy)
NATO will “transform” Afghan police failures, says Gen. Caldwell (The Independent)
Taliban condemn U.S. Bagram prison handover (Reuters)
Life goes on in war-torn Kabul (Telegraph)

Other stories:
Indictment ties men to Mumbai attack (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: U.S. charges three men over Mumbai attack (BBC News)
  • Also: U.S. Dept. of Justice press release re: Mumbai and Denmark plots (DOJ)
Attack on police station in Indian Kashmir kills two (Associated Press)
Rights of Indian detainees in China safeguarded (Wall Street Journal)
No idiots by Ranjani Iyer Mohanty (New York Times)

1-14-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on January 14, 2010 at 8:45 am
Top stories:
Mehsud was target of U.S. drone strike (New York Times)

Other stories:

Holbrooke tries to calm tensions with Pakistan (AFP)
  • Also: Holbrooke expresses satisfaction over Swat (Dawn)
  • Also: Holbrooke says screening of Pakistanis will continue (The News)
  • Also: Gilani asks Holbrooke to expedite CSF payments (Daily Times)
  • Also: U.S. to invest $1 billion in energy sector, says Holbrooke (Daily Times)

U.S. steps up missile attacks in Pakistan (Associated Press)
  • Also: Qureshi says drone attacks will hurt U.S.-Pak ties (Daily Times)
Pakistan threatens to pull $3 billion mining project (Financial Times)

Taliban storm Pakistan army outpost (AFP)
Mehsud cultivates ruthless reputation (Dawn)
Pakistan warns India against hegemonic mindset (Dawn)
Zardari deflects pressure for now (Dawn)
Two killed in Mohmand explosion (Dawn)
Qureshi, Krishna review Mumbai trial status (Daily Times)
Government on path to showdown with judiciary (The News)
The state bank report (Dawn)
Handling Karachi (Daily Times)

India’s unhelpful attitude by Tariq Fatemi (Dawn)
Engaging with the U.S. by Syed Talat Hussain (Daily Times)
The battle for Karachi by Ikram Sehgal (The News)
Other stories:
U.S. approves training to expand Afghan army (New York Times)
Islamists press Jordan to stop aiding U.S. in Afghanistan (New York Times)
Suicide bomber kills 20 in Uruzgan province (Associated Press)
Taliban is blamed for Afghans’ deadly ’09 (Washington Post)
Hopes for Brown’s Afghanistan conference recede (Times of London)
Bit-part role for UK as U.S. plans to control key Afghan routes (Times of London)
How fingerprinting campaign is catching bombers (Globe and Mail)
Senate Democrats leave Kabul still wary of surge (McClatchy)
  • Also: Sen. Levin blasts Afghan troop training (Politico)
Iran plans to build schools in Ghazni (Pajhwok)
Hope has returned to Afghanistan by Martine van Bijlert (Foreign Policy)

Other stories:
India’s military fears 9/11 style air attack (Financial Times)

Festival expected to draw millions starts in India (Associated Press)
Indian troops vacate Kashmir schools and hospitals (BBC News)
Report says half of Indian defense equipment is outdated (Daily Times)
A test ahead for India’s defiant optimism (International Herald Tribune)

1-13-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on January 13, 2010 at 10:45 am
Pakistan’s Ahmadis face persecution (Economist)
Train and bus crash in fog, killing 8 children (Associated Press)
Child is killed by bomb in northwest (AFP)
State bank projects GDP growth at around 3.3% (Dawn)
Zardari forms PPP-MQM peace committee (Dawn)
Holbrooke in Islamabad to meet with leadership (Dawn)
Economic committee approves bailout package for Pakistan Steel Mills (Daily Times)
NWFP assembly passes resolution against new U.S. security measures (Daily Times)
National Assembly shows concern over country’s water shortage (Daily Times)
Arms merchants are in Rs 20 billion trade (The News)
Born of superstition (Dawn)
Zardari in Punjab (Dawn)
Drone fury by Sana Saleem (Dawn)
Revival of student unions (Daily Times)
Where is U.S. public diplomacy? by Shamshad Ahmad (The News)
Questions for Holbrooke by Anjum Niaz (The News)

Deadly protest in southern Afghanistan highlights tensions (New York Times)
  • Also: Afghan protesters killed by security forces (Financial Times)
  • Also: Anger over alleged Koran burning (BBC News)
Drone strike kills 13 insurgents in Helmand (Washington Post)
UN blames Taliban for Afghan toll (New York Times)
  • Also: Civilian deaths rose 14% in 2009 (BBC News)
U.S. boosts efforts to track aid money in Afghanistan (Washington Post)
Afghans meet with NATO over shots at Helmand protest (Reuters)
Two U.S. troops, four Afghan soldiers killed in east (Associated Press)
Obama wants additional $33 billion in war funding (Associated Press)
Afghan government to lure Taliban to switch sides (Associated Press)
Afghanistan’s parliamentary pitfalls (Economist)
How U.S. is tackling opium trade in poppy heartland (Christian Science Monitor)
Turkey says it can broker peace with Taliban (Times of London)
U.S. turns to farmers to uproot insurgency (McClatchy)
Afghanistan corruption isn’t limited to Afghans (McClatchy)
Fighting shifts in technology used by insurgents (McClatchy)
The U.S. military maps the human terrain of Afghanistan (The Weekly Standard)
ABC interview with Hamid Karzai (ABC News)

A jihadist’s destiny by H. D. S. Greenway (International Herald Tribune)
Loose ends by Morton Abramowitz (The National Interest)

India’s industrial sector buoyant (Financial Times)
Bangladeshis help themselves to Indian wood (BBC News)
India-Bangladesh telephone deal (BBC News)
Ganges braced for 60 million bathing pilgrims (The Independent)
Indian army acts to lower its profile in Kashmir (Dawn)