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Is the US Coming to Terms with AQ Khan’s Release?

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U.S. Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair seems to indicate so:

“There are restrictions on him (Khan) imposed by the (Pakistani) government,” he told the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence during an open hearing.  Replying to a query from Anna Eshoo, Democratic Congressman from California, who was “shocked and appalled” when Khan’s release from house arrest was announced, he said these restrictions primarily involved insuring that Khan was not connected to the network that he used before for nuclear proliferation activities.

But the secrecy over true U.S. sentiment remains:

When Congresswoman Eshoo asked whether Khan, dubbed the “father of Pakistan’s nuclear program,” still posed a proliferation threat in the eyes of the intelligence community, Blair said answers to these questions could be given only in a closed-door session.


Menon and Bashir Meet

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 In the first high level meeting between India and Pakistan since the Mumbai Attacks, Foreign Secretaries Shiv Shankar Menon and Salman Bashir meet in Colombo.


Menon Meets Bashir in Colombo, Tells Him to Take Credible Measures

Economic Times, India

27 Feb 2009


India, Pakistan Hold Highest Level Meeting Since Mumbai

Bloomberg, US 

McCain on Pakistan- Broaden Assistance

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US must broaden assistance to Pakistan: McCain

WASHINGTON: Joining calls for enhanced economic and security support for Pakistan in order to defeat forces of radicalism along the Pak-Afghan border, Senator John McCain has said the United States must devise its policy towards Pakistan by recognising the South Asian country’s own vital importance. Washington, he cautioned, should not confine its Pakistan view to the prism of American goals in Afghanistan. “For too long we have viewed Pakistan as important because of our goals in Afghanistan. Yet Pakistan is not simply important because of Afghanistan; Pakistan is important because of Pakistan. We cannot simply subordinate our Pakistan strategy to our Afghanistan policy,” the senator argued at a Washington think tank.

Turi Abducted in Kurram Agency

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Is it just me, or does all of the news coming from Kurram Agency seem eincredibly cryptic?

Dinner at the Pakistani Embassy

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Apparently doesn’t include many women:

At least the Dr.uncles were short on the speeches– a rare thing for Pakistani men.

Iran on Pakistan’s Shias

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Again– at least someone has an eye on it:

If this is true, there is some serious solidarity.

What Does Swat Sharia Entail?

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In an excellent Reuter’s blog piece, Tom Henghan also questions just what the Sharia deal enatils– and gets few answers:

After consulting with our Islamabad bureau, reading other news organisations’ reports and scouring the web, I have the feeling — familiar to anyone who has reported from that part of the world — that the more you look at this deal, the less you see besides the fact of the deal itself. The devil isn’t hiding in the details because there aren’t many there. He’s playing a bigger political game.


In other words, we still have no specifics. And it’s looking like we won’t get many more even when President Asif Ali Zardari signs and issues the final text. Sharia looks secondary here to the ceasefire the deal ushered in. The final sentence of the Feb. 16 agreement summed it up:‘‘We request Maulana Sufi Mohammad bin al-Hazrat Hasan to end his peaceful protest [for implementation of Sharia] and help the government in establishing peace in all the areas of Malakand Division.’’

Qureshi Wants Drones, Panetta Does Too

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In Dawn,–bi

Sharif Brothers Disqualified- Consequences in Effect

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Rioting, market ablaze, and of course, a stock market plunge– KSE dropping 300 points down 4%.

Just what Pakistan neeeds.

OffTopic: Jindal Parcell

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I just couldn’t help it: